RCS provides a highly skilled layer of technical, production and financial support between traditional owners and managers in indigenous owned businesses. This protects traditional owners against bias from management and provides management with accountability, strategies and direction in their language.

We have found that a combination of one of our training programs which gives us common language and focus, combined with ExecutiveLink™ and on-farm advice creates the fastest progress at a management level. RCS has developed a high level on-going support program for indigenous businesses where ExecutiveLink™ is not possible.

This program is highly adaptable and can be extremely comprehensive including a three stage approach:

  1. Ascertain key stakeholders, decision makers and primary contact points.
  2. Obtain and review previously prepared reports, business/management plans, financial analyses, technical advice and assessments for each station.
  3. Obtain previous financial returns, tax statements and any other financial reporting/records available.
  4. Clarify current office management procedures and bookkeeping/accounting personnel. Obtain current chart of accounts from these people. Have the chart of accounts professionally reviewed by an accountant with agribusiness management skills.
  5. Obtain physical land data: maps, landtypes, fencing, waters and infrastructure etc.
  6. Obtain previous production records available (cattle numbers, sales, purchases, muster details)
  7. Analyse available information to form best available picture of the business performance, management and capacity.