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At the heart of every thriving agribusiness lies a foundation of informed decisions, sound strategies, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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Don't Just Survive in Agribusiness – Thrive!

The Australian agricultural landscape can be a harsh place. Drought, flood, fluctuating prices, rising costs – the odds are stacked against you. But in this battle, resilience isn’t enough. To truly succeed, you need a winning strategy, a tactical edge that competitors can’t replicate. That’s where personalised agribusiness coaching comes in. It’s your secret weapon for transforming adversity into growth.

Why Coaching is Your Competitive Advantage

  • It’s not about templates, it’s about YOU. Your farm is unique. Its weaknesses, strengths, and untapped potential are unlike any other. One-size-fits-all advice leads to one-size-fits-all results. Coaching unlocks a plan built specifically for your operation – taking you further, faster.
  • Resilience is the baseline, not the finish line. Weathering the storms is good, but true agribusiness mastery means you anticipate challenges. You diversify, you optimise, you turn problems into profit centres. Coaching helps you create a farm that isn’t just tough, but unstoppable.

From Battling to Booming: Transform Your Agribusiness

Australian farmers fight tooth and nail. But ‘weathering the storm’ shouldn’t be your ambition. Top-tier coaching builds an agribusiness that doesn’t just survive – but creates a strong ‘now’ business and future nest egg. Finances, sustainability, risk…we don’t just tackle problems, we build a system that turns challenges into wins. Meet your Advisors 

Andrew Zerner | Advisor & Coach

Why coaching? Five things you'll gain through RCS coaching.

Tailored Support for Your Needs:

In the face of challenges like drought, fluctuating cattle prices, and high interest rates, our specialized advice is custom-fit to your property, business, and team, offering the precise support required.

Holistic Approach to Growth:

Our advisory services tackle every aspect of your business, fostering profitability, productivity, land improvement, and an enhanced quality of life, setting the stage for sustainable success.

Practical Skills through Coaching:

With our advisors, your knowledge evolves into practical skills through coaching. We offer personalized guidance, empowering you to make impactful decisions, boost confidence, and realize your farming potential.

Inclusive Framework for Success:

RCS advisory and coaching welcomes all producers, providing a professional and supportive environment that values every family member and business partner's contribution to crucial decisions.

Seize the Opportunity Now:

If you're intrigued by the potential of our advisory and coaching services, take action today. Express your interest, connect with the right advisor, and embark on a journey of growth through assessments, recommendations, and ongoing consultations. Your agribusiness's resilience and growth await your decisive steps.

Learn more about our Next Steps Coaching.

Unlock the full potential of your Investment in Grazing for Profit® or Farming  & Grazing for Profit® with our proven Next Steps Coaching Program. This program is for graduates of our 7-day programs and will extract the utmost value from your attendance though one-to-one connection you with our seasoned team of expert coaches.

Each member of our coaching panel boasts a successful track record of implementing the RCS principles on their own properties.


Six Month Program

  • Two 90-Day Plans Set yourself up in all of the foundation areas, and create two comprehensive 90-day work plans with your coach to keep on track.
  • Access to Learning Hub Access to Learning Hub management models.
  • Fortnightly Catchup Fortnightly 45-minute session with your coach, either on the phone or online meeting.
  • Access to Training Modules Access to Next Steps training modules through your coach.

All our coaching programs are customised specifically for you.

Three Month Program

  • 90-Day Plan Focus on a 90-day work plan to address the key areas quickly, great for high achievers.
  • Access to Learning Hub Access to Learning Hub management models.
  • Fortnightly Catchup Fortnightly 45-minute session with your coach, either on the phone or online meeting.
  • Access to Training Modules Access to Next Steps training modules through your coach.

All our coaching programs are customised specifically for you.

Meet Dom Walker - RCS Advisor & Coach

In this candid interview RCS Advisor and Coach Dom Walker opens up about his love of agriculture, the landscape, people and how he was lucky enough to find himself working in the ‘best job in the world’.

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Our Key Advisory Services.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team for further assistance. Australia Wide Free Call 1800 356 004.

Our practical business planning involves an on-farm property visit to ensure we identify all issues and the situation is well understood. You will work with our expert advisor to implement an easy-to-understand framework that improves business management. Our process considers all resources in your business, including the skills of the people involved. It can include the use of the RCS business analysis and benchmarking software, ProfitProbe®, to conduct a detailed assessment of your financial situation.

Managing for the future takes different skills and knowledge than what has been required in the past. RCS can assist you to create and maintain a regenerative, productive and profitable farming and grazing business. Individually or within your management team, we can analyse the current situation, develop options, and implement and manage change in your farming and grazing methods

Our advisor will work with you to create an infrastructure development plan. To do this they assess the development requirements of your enterprises, the natural resources available and the current goals and constraints of the business. With this in mind the completed plan will suit your budget and timeframe.

Integrating ProfitProbe®, our economic benchmarking tool, with our business analysis templates, our advisors can provide sound financial analysis of your business. This can include; 

  • A review of your business position; an independent assessment of a change in circumstances such as drought. 
  • An analysis according to the three secrets of profitability. 
  • A comparison between your business and others in your industry sector or region. 
  • And strategic and operational recommendations for future improvements. 

RCS has the technical knowledge, skills, benchmarks and business analysis models to complete pre-purchase assessments so you can buy with confidence. Doing due diligence in assessing your property shouldn’t come after you’ve already committed to a purchase. We will determine the suitability of the land, the condition of infrastructure, potential problems, carrying capacity, and development opportunities of the purchase.

Here are our Property Purchase Principles with our tips to consider when

RCS succession and continuity planning facilitates families to create their desired futures. Our advisors can assist with navigating conflicts, complex decision-making, stress and future visions. The sooner you start succession and continuity planning, the more likely you will have a positive outcome. This process can involve establishing individual vision and goals, family meetings, independent business analysis with benchmarks and forward cash flow and balance sheet projections.

Meet your team

Queensland Coaches and Advisors

Andrew Laurie

Coach & Advisor

Raymond Stacey

Coach & Advisor

Claudia Power

Coach & Advisor

Jess Bidgood

Coach & Advisor

David McLean

Coach & Advisor

Tony Mott

Coach & Advisor

Henry Hinds

Coach & Advisor

Jim Viner

Coach & Advisor

Tom Hungerford

Coach & Advisor

Andrew Zerner

Coach & Advisor

Katie Zerner

Coach & Advisor

Katlin Tilly

Coach & Advisor

NSW Coaches and Advisors

Andrew Dowd

Coach & Advisor

Tamara Harris

Coach & Advisor

Mike Parish

Coach & Advisor

Garry McDouall

Coach & Advisor

Matt Barton

Coach & Advisor

Katie Collins

Coach & Advisor

James Barnet

Coach & Advisor

Michael Gooden

Coach & Advisor

Victoria, SA and Tasmania Coach and Advisors

Nic Kentish

Coach & Advisor

Dom Walker

Coach & Advisor

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