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Claudia Power

Claudia Power first completed GrazingforProfit® in 1996, followed by ExecutiveLink® from 1996-2000. She has a Master’s degree in Agricultural Science and worked as an Extension Officer for 11 years in the Queensland Department of Primary Industries before moving back to the bush.  

She and her husband, John, ran sheep and cattle on two properties in the Richmond and Winton districts until health issues resulted in their “semi”-retirement to Townsville in 2006. 

Claudia has been conducting facilitation and advisory work for RCS since 2000. She specialises in the “people issues” such as Succession Planning. This is in addition to her experience in property development, poly laying, droughts and low prices. 

Claudia and her family continue to build their family’s wealth through long-term share and property portfolios in Australia. Claudia actively manages these portfolios.

Claudia’s specialties include: 

  • Succession and Continuity Planning
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