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Welcome to our second post in our Original Content Education Series focused on farm management. The below recording is another popular choice from our Convergence Conference in 2022. We create these for you to enjoy for free, from new and archived recordings and documents. 

John Kempf - Soil health, human health, energy and economics interconnections and future convergence.

John Kempf, a visionary in regenerative agriculture, founded Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) to revolutionise farming practices. A respected expert in biological and regenerative systems, John’s mission is to empower farmers worldwide with the knowledge and tools for a healthier, more sustainable food system. AEA’s impact extends from healthier soils to thriving communities.

John hosts the acclaimed Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, sharing cutting-edge insights from scientists and leading growers on implementing these transformative practices. Prepare to be inspired as John delves into the profound connections between soil health, human health, energy, and economics.

Terry McCosker | Founder

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