Convergence Conference 2022

Every ten years RCS holds a conference to cast a long view across the opportunities and challenges in the decade ahead. In July 2022 we brought together extraordinary minds from across the globe to tackle some of the biggest issues of our time.

The conference was themed around ‘Convergence: agriculture, human and planetary health’ and focussed on the interconnectedness of the three. Through a series of inspiring talks held by keynote speakers in attendance both physically and virtually, the event focussed on a convergence of solutions to some of our world’s most urgent environmental, social and economic challenges.

What we experienced, however, was more than just a convergence of solutions, ideas and minds – it was a pure and powerful convergence of hearts.

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Jacqueline McGlade travelled from Africa to be a keynote speaker at the Convergence Conference. She talks about ‘frugal abundance’ and ‘natural prosperity’. Jacqueline is a British-born Canadian marine biologist and environmental informatics professor, based in Kenya.

Terry describes what he’d like people to gain from the conference and his thoughts on the way forward.

Lauren Mathers of Barham NSW shares what the conference has meant for her and why she is passionate about regenerative farming.

Walter Jehne is an internationally recognised soil microbiologist innovation strategist. His experience spans; soils, mycology, food and water security and hydrological climate cooling. Join this chat with Walter as he speaks to the essence of his presentation at Convergence.

Brother and sister, Isabelle and Douglas Cameron of Ross, TAS, chat with Farmers Footprint team about their operation, and their experience at the Convergence Conference, and of RCS generally.

Katherine Trebeck brings global insight into social justice on a healthy planet. Her presentation looks at an economic system that’s much more in service of the needs of our people and our planet. Katherine addresses how everyone has a role to play in transforming our economic system, and importantly, the role of regenerative agriculture.

Wisdom from some of the keynote speakers:

”Change is the guiding principle structure in the universe.”
– Fred Provenza, Professor Emeritus

“Feed your soil and it will feed you”
– Joel Williams

“We already have all the knowledge for a beautifully regenerated planet, now we need effective, large-scale implementation… which must come from a place of love and care.”
– John Kempf

“The natural system can do its work if we enable it as much as possible”
– Di Haggerty

“As we move into our stewardship phase of the regenerative movement it’s critical that we all begin to coalesce in a state of being rather than doing”
– Dr Zach Bush MD

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RCS Convergence Conference attendee

“What a great event. Over the course of 2 days, RCS brought together the threads of innovation that give rise to the long-term evolution of the livestock industry.”
– Peter Richardson, CEO of MaiaGrazing.

A journey from cellular soil microbiology to plant and animal behaviour, their impact on the landscape and that of human stewardship, personal economics to well-being macro-economics, self-development and an abundance mindset, consideration for indigenous wisdom and conciliation, all whilst united with like minds, sealed with personal stories from the most inspirational growers I’ve ever heard”
– Jake Chandler, Wallendbeen NSW

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Here’s special access to the Official Convergence Conference Photographs by Sally Batt Photography.  

In the spirit of abundance, Sally Batt & RCS are providing access to the official Convergence photographs. Sally kindly asks that you tag @sallybattphotography when sharing images online and the images are not to be for commercial or advertising use without specific permission. Thank you for honouring this.

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