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Proud of Our Farmers: Inspiring Journeys of Innovation and Success

RCS celebrates the remarkable achievements of Australian farmers. Read inspiring case studies showcasing:

  • Resilience and Innovation: See how farmers adapt and thrive through challenges using cutting-edge techniques and fresh knowledge.
  • Beyond the Farm: Witness the positive ripple effects of sustainable farming on families and entire communities.
  • Transformation at Work: Discover the power of smart management to transform not only farms but farmers’ lives.

We champion Australian agriculture: Join us in celebrating these stories of growth and dedication. Let’s build a stronger future for farming together.

David McLean| Chief of Delivery 

David McLean Chief of Delivery for all RCS Australia Courses.
Martha Lindstad and partner Robert James are farm managers on ‘Karalee’, Enngonia NSW. Both have travelled different paths to being where they are. Martha is originally from Norway, growing up on a three hectare farm before travelling to New Zealand and eventually the Pilbara in Western Australia. It was here that she saw the benefits of sustainable farming for the country and livestock.
The Prince’s RCS mentor, Raymond Stacey, sees a strong future ahead for Simon and Laura. “The Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes project is about supporting graziers to manage their country and businesses better,” Raymond said. “I see an operation here where they’re working hard on their planning and putting their plans into action to leave their country, business and people in better shape.”
The Clarks were participants in the RCS Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes Program, joining 23 other grazing businesses across the southern Queensland and northern NSW rangelands to develop drought-resilient practices.
Taswells Creek was a blank canvas when Fiona Tessmann and Roger Eliott arrived in August 2017. From the beginning, Fiona and Roger envisioned replenishing the land using regenerative agriculture.
Since introducing rotational grazing to his 172-hectare home property Tangora, Gordon Clarke has seen carrying capacity lift, curbed a persistent onslaught of coastal weeds, and watched the creeks leaving his boundary run clean throughout wet seasons.
Armed with plenty of ambition, bold ideas, RCS principles and skills, Keegan and Zilla Green have been tackling weeds, improving production and navigating their farm management with confidence and strategic direction.
The Rankines have implemented management techniques such as rotational grazing, single-wire electric fencing and a reticulated water system to reduce grazing pressure at water points and give paddocks long rest periods.
Leichhardt is a Central Queensland beef cattle business owned by Brian, Judy and John Pownall. Since 1995, they have made many improvements in their land and business and now stand as proof that regenerative agriculture and profitability can coexist. 
Rob and Ainsley McArthur firmly believe that ecological sustainability is the underpinning factor for success in agriculture. It’s a claim they can back up with evidence, having transformed their farm, Mystery Park, since they took ownership of it in 2003.
When Andrew and Meagan started managing Moora Plains, they had several challenges ahead of them. This included working through family succession and needing to extract more income from a tired landscape.
Armed with a lot of ambition to create an improving ecosystem and a flourishing business, Mick Lavel got to work making changes and expanding his knowledge. through the RCS Grazing Clinic and GrazingforProfit®.
When Murray and Wendy Gibson took the reins of Coonabar in 1988, it was covered entirely in thick virgin-standing scrub. Thanks to a forward-thinking mindset and dedication to learning, their 6,781 hectares now thrives, boasting an ever-improving land condition.

Drought Resilience Case Study Seminar

Recorded live from BEEF 2024, join Jess Bidgood, RCS Project Coach, for an informative session about the RCS project and its successful outcomes.

Hear firsthand from participants:
  • Martha Lindstad & Robert James (“Karalee”, NSW): They’ll share their inspiring journey of land management.
  • Simon & Laura Prince (“Geandale Station”, NSW): Discover their innovative drought-proofing techniques.
  • Cath & Fred Clark (“Euthulla”, QLD): Gain valuable insights from their learnings and experiences.


This project is funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

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