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Proven Practice

Are you ready to adopt proven farm management practices and dramatically enhance the condition of your land? Let RCS join your team as a reliable partner, empowering you to advance with both success and confidence.

Decades of Experience and Leadership

Since the 1980s, RCS has been at the forefront of conducting training programs, undertaking extensive land rehabilitation projects, and setting standards for the livestock, broadacre cropping, and horticulture sectors. Collaborating with a wide range of government bodies, academic institutions, and industry organizations, RCS has established itself as Australia's premier provider of rural and regional extension training programs and land rehabilitation advisory services.

David McLean | Chief of Delivery

Experts by your side

As a dedicated ally, RCS offers cutting-edge business and agricultural science expertise for every project. Our advisory services are backed by a versatile and seasoned team from across Australia, encompassing a wide network of technical experts and researchers. This team is known for their proven capability to carry out projects and achieve the desired results.

Adaptable Methodology for All Agricultural Sectors

Leveraging years of expertise in land rehabilitation, the RCS methodology is adaptable to any area of agricultural production and the resources industry.

Jo Quinlan | Operations Manager

Our Projects

Grassroots Project

Grassroots Project

Through funding made available by the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program, RCS is assisting 25 grazing businesses within the Fitzroy and Mackay-Whitsunday regions to reduce sediment runoff into the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

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Project Pioneer

In 2016, the Australian Government’s Reef Trust tasked RCS with educating and supporting graziers in the Great Barrier Reef catchment to adopt regenerative management practices. The outcomes of Project Pioneer focused on improving land conditions and reducing sediment runoff into waterways.

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Other projects we are collaborating on include:

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