Revolutionising Organic Agriculture: The Burnham Family’s Journey of Innovation and Community at Bonnie Doone.

In the rolling landscapes just outside the picturesque town of Monto in Queensland, there exists a place called ‘Bonnie Doone.’ It’s not to be confused with the namesake from the movie The Castle, though in some ways, the story of Bonnie Doone and its stewards, Carly and Grant Burnham, bears a striking resemblance to the lovable Kerrigans. Just as the Kerrigans cherish their close-knit family, values, and community, so too do Carly, Grant, and their family. Their story is one of warmth, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to principles that extend far beyond the boundaries of their 8000-hectare organic beef cattle property.

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David McLean

Unearth the possibilities of your agricultural business with FarmEye

In the heartland of Australia, where vast stretches of land help feed the nation, agriculture is king. For time-poor Aussie producers, every decision matters, every crop counts, every animal is valued and every dollar is hard-earned. RCS has provided producers with cutting-edge tools and insights for agricultural economic analysis since 1993. Two decades ago, RCS introduced ProfitProbe, a groundbreaking tool that has since become a cornerstone of economic data collection and analysis for agricultural enterprises across Australia.

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Terry McCosker

So, another El Nino has been declared…

Another El Niño event has been officially declared, and for many, the memories of 2019 still loom large. That year brought harsh dry conditions, devastating bushfires, and widespread pain throughout the country. Now, as the media begins to craft a narrative of fear around the possibility of a repeat scenario, it’s crucial to understand the implications of this climate phenomenon, particularly its impact on Eastern Australia’s rainfall patterns during the winter and spring seasons.

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RCS Principle based management equals carbon sequestration.

Huge congratulations to Carly and Grant Burnham of Bonnie Doone QLD. Both RCS Grazing for Profit® and ExecutiveLink® graduates, Carly and Grant Burnham, North Burnett graziers, have received a record-breaking 94,666 Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) from the Clean Energy Regulator for their soil carbon farming project at Bonnie Doone QLD. This marks the largest allocation for an individual project in Australia. They partnered RCS’ sister company CarbonLink on this 5,275-hectare initiative in 2016

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