Nic Kentish

Nic Kentish

Nic Kentish has a lifetime’s experience in the old and the new introducing cell grazing and different management systems to his farm since 1999. He is passionate about empowering family farming, and sharing his skills and knowledge, and fascination of regenerative farming.  

Nic was raised on his families’ farm near Mt. Gambier in South Australia. After leaving school, he set about pursuing a career that often led him “somewhere east of the sunrise”. A passion for livestock has been his driving force from jackerooing days on NSW, Qld and WA stations to overseeing a cattle development project in Vanuatu to head-stockman aboard livestock ships delivering sheep, cattle and goats to Middle-Eastern ports.  

Nic has taken and driven shifts in thinking and action, such as conversion to Organics and Biodynamics, hands-on soil carbon sequestration, successful family succession and rural leadership as well as regenerative practices in vegetable and grain crop production. 

Nic is an RCS GrazingforProfit®, GraduateLink (now Next Steps coaching), and ExecutiveLink® graduate. Now settled on a farm in the Adelaide Hills near Hahndorf, with his wife Alexi and three children, Nic works full-time for RCS as a teacher, advisor, facilitator and Coach.  

Combining his passions for livestock and people, Nic also trains Low Stress Stockhandling schools and GrazingforProfit®  with zest, humour, feeling and a genuine endeavour to see land, animals and humans together realize their true potential. Since the earth is the earth and animals are simply good at being animals, Nic takes up the human challenge to share what’s possible if people can change. 

Nic’s specialties include:

  • Biodynamics
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Communication
  • Ecology
  • Grazing Management (including Grazing Charts)
  • Livestock Breeding
  • Livestock Trading
  • Managing Team (HR)
  • Off Farm Investment
  • Organics
  • Pastures
  • Property Development and Planning
  • Reproduction
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Ruminant Nutrition
  • Soil Carbon, Land Management Strategies
  • Soil Health
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession and Continuity Planning
  • Visions and Goals
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