Mike Parish

Mike Parish

Mike is one of the pioneering leaders of regenerative agriculture in Australia. He has expertise in growing productive, profitable agricultural businesses within regenerative landscapes. 

It’s nearly 30 years since completing his first GrazingforProfit® (1993 and 2003), then ExecutiveLink® program and applying the principles learnt to operations that were benchmarked in the Top 20% of ProfitProbe® (now part of FarmEye). He has facilitated many GrazingforProfit® programs and short RCS courses across Australia. 

Mike has had experience in broadacre farming, stud and commercial beef and sheep production, viticulture, irrigation and organic farming. He has over 13 years managing agricultural enterprises using holistic management principles, during which time he developed several properties and certified organic beef operations. 

He has also developed a passion for human health and the role agriculture plays. This developed with the keen interest in how to produce healthy, biological and productive soils without toxic chemicals. 

Mike is also a Director of Healthy Soils Australia, an organisation dedicated to increasing the awareness of the vital link between healthy, biologically functioning soil and human health. This has led him to participate and present at many international forums on regenerative agriculture. Mike, along with Kathy his wife, is also the owner of the successful Dubbo Health Food in Darling Street, Dubbo, NSW where they also apply the three secrets of increasing profits.  

Mike’s specialties include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Ecology
  • Grazing Management (including Grazing Charts)
  • Human Health
  • Livestock Breeding
  • Organics
  • Pastures
  • Property Development and Planning
  • Reproduction
  • Ruminant Nutrition
  • Soil Carbon, Land Management Strategies
  • Soil Health
  • Strategic Planning
  • Visions and Goals
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