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Neighbouring properties. The one on the left was managed according to RCS principles and bounced back faster and stronger when the drought broke.

Australia has long been a land of drought and flooding rains, and as the climate warms, it is more important than ever to prepare for climatic extremes. As Australia’s leading provider of training, education and advice in regenerative agriculture, we understand that knowledge is power. And a particular depth of knowledge comes from decades of experience.  

Here at RCS, we’ve field-tested effective drought management strategies with thousands of landholders across Australia’s unique environments for over 30 years. From what we’ve learnt, we formulated a unique drought preparedness course to arm our farmers with the skills and expertise to make it through. 

With the financial support of the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, we are happy to offer this program for free to Australian farmers and graziers.

“Everyone who does the course has the opportunity to come away with a meaningful and practical plan to prepare for a drought, manage in a drought and recover from a drought,” says David McLean, our Chief of Delivery. “The approach allows landholders to minimise negative impacts and set themselves up for ecological, financial and productive wins.”

Western NSW near Brewarrina. Property boundary photo showing mechanical intervention on clay pan country.

The course encourages all on-farm team members to collaborate and develop a property-specific drought management plan that incorporates strategies for their land, livestock, people, and business.

It is flexible and self-paced, featuring case studies that showcase successful localised practices and increasing drought resilience from across the nation. Participants need to invest approximately 6-10 hours into the course, plus the ongoing development of their drought management plan to keep on top of the lessons learned throughout its implementation.

“We hope landholders find great value in the course content and become well placed financially, mentally and ecologically – no matter which of the three stages of drought they find themselves in – ­today or in the future,” says McLean.

RCS is Australia’s leading provider of holistic, integrated education, training, and advisory services to the agricultural sector. It works with individuals, families, corporates, and government groups, empowering them to grow productive, profitable agriculture businesses within regenerative landscapes.

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