Margie Milgate

Margie Milgate

Margie grew up on a wool and grain farm near Gulargambone, NSW. Watching the changes to agricultural operations over time fascinated her. Her time at Orange Agricultural College developed her interest in horticulture industries and the need to plan and act quickly with such perishable products.

After college, Margie spent the majority of her working career with agricultural peak bodies and organisations such as RCS. From policy development to project delivery, Margie’s skills encompass quality and food safety, environmental management systems, natural resource management, industry planning and recovery from disasters, carbon, water quality and industry development.

During a work trip to East Africa, Margie took the opportunity to see the words of Allan Savory come to life through the herd and predator movements over the vast grasslands of the Serengeti. Being out on farms around Australia, attending RCS courses, and doing further research into biological farming practices and principles widened her understanding and appreciation for regenerative agriculture and its benefits for people, our soils, plants, animals and the planet.

Margie continues to develop an interest in indigenous farming practices and how to incorporate them into today’s food production systems. Margie is proud to be part of the RCS team and contribute to the wider understanding and importance of regenerative practices for both people and property outcomes.

Margie’s specialties include:

  • Biodynamics
  • Organics
  • Soil Carbon, Land Management Strategies
  • Soil Health
  • Strategic Planning
  • Visions and Goals
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