RCS has been tailoring courses to meet the needs of regional bodies and Landcare groups for over 20 years. We have a range of short courses (see below), which we deliver on a contract basis. Please contact us for quotes on delivery and or development of different material.


Topic and key learning outcomesSoil Solutions WorkshopRCS Grazing ClinicBusiness Fundamentals WorkshopFarming and Grazing for Profit™Grazing for Profit™
Format1 day2.5 days3 days7 days7 days
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How to strengthen relationships and have all members on the same page--
Principles and secrets to more effective self and time management--
Define your business and lifestyle goals and direction along with simple, effective methods of ensuring you achieve them--
Improve management effectiveness - who makes what decisions and how employees can be motivated to help you achieve your goals.---
How to be 100% effective and 100% efficient--
Understand how much time to spend "working on the business", how much time should be spent "working in the business"--
Understand how to manage resistance to change---
Learn what a paradigm is and how to challenge the current paradigms holding you back.--
Learn how to deal with conflict---
Discover the '3 Secrets of Profit' that apply to all businesses--
Apply the three R's of credit to your business and assess the value of your investments.---
Learn the simple techniques of cash flow planning that allow you to stay in control.---
Make management accounting your focus and lift the veil of confusion that sometimes surrounds meaningless taxation accounting--
Learn how to use balance sheets, stockflows, trading accounts, gross margins and profit and loss accounts to generate a meaningful analysis of your business. --
Discover how to benchmark your business against industry standards--
Ecology and Soil Health
Understand basic ecology and how it relates to your production systems
Practical knowledge about fencing, property layout and design for optimum ecological outcomes and business efficiency-
Understand how to adapt to seasonal and climatic variability-
Rate your landscape on the Brittleness Scale and know how to use this information in decision making
Fully grasp the interconnectedness between the management decisions you make and the main ecological indicators on your property
How to build soil organic carbon
Understand the connection between diverse soil microbiology and productivity
Know how to reduce reliance on external energy sources
How grass grows, the quality/quantity/root system relationships and how to influence them
Know and understand how to use the Six Principles of Regenerative Grazing
Know how to create and use a meaningful feed budget-
Understand how to calculate pasture rest period and graze period-
Have the skills to accurately matching stocking rate to carrying capacity.-
Know what grazing systems are available, their pro's and con's and what to use when-
Plan, monitor and manage your grazing system with confidence-
How to actively use a grazing chart as a whole of business management tool-
Learn the 11 essential drought management principles to increase resilience through the three stages of drought--
How to calculate your Water Use Efficiency in a grazing business-
What you can do to grow more grass from less rainfall
Learn how to plan water infrastructure and look at the practical implications of adding water points-
Learn simple tricks to increase water quality for easy production gains-
General Livestock
How to effectively manage livestock for greatest profitability and production-
Learn how to use stock density to your advantage (production and money)-
Bull/ram selection and the importance of fertility testing bulls--
Breeder management for optimal efficiency--
9 principles for improved reproduction and strategies to implement--
Learn how to plan your timing of mating around your key date--
Basic ruminant nutrition including where nutrition comes from and how the rumen functions--
Nutrients - learn about the most important nutrientÉ energy and unravel the degradable/non-degradable protein story--
Nutrients - what are the mineral and vitamin requirements of your animals?--
Planning supplementation programs including who, what, when and how to supplement --
Know the difference between supplementation and substitution feeding--
Learn how to work with nature rather than against it---
Learn to assess risk and reward in farming decisions----
Learn the 7 principles of regenerative farming----
Learn how to transition into and plan for regenerative farming practices----
Learn how to reduce inputs----

RCS has been tailoring courses to meet the needs of regional bodies and Landcare groups for over 20 years. We have a range of short courses, which we deliver on a contract basis. Please contact us for quotes on delivery and or development of different material.

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CourseFormatDownload course flyer
Soil Solutions Workshop1 day
RCS Grazing Clinic2.5 days
Business Fundamentals Workshop3 days
Farming and Grazing for Profit™7 days
Grazing for Profit™7 days