RCS has been working alongside farming families for over 30 years.

Visit the pages below to see how you can use our experience and proven track record of empowering, guiding and supporting rural families and people like you to create life changing outcomes for your people, land, livestock, crops and business.


Giving you the support, skills and confidence to make the changes necessary to achieve what you want out of life.

ExecutiveLink™ helps graduates of our Schools turn their great ideas into successful actions. It is based on two truths. First, it is easier to see someone else’s problem than it is your own. Second, good intentions aren’t enough. People move further faster when they are held accountable to produce results. ExecutiveLink™ provides structure, support, objective analysis and the accountability it takes to be successful.


ProLink™ is available for people who want an annual review in an EL format.

ProLink™ runs just like an EL board and is designed – in one meeting per year – to maintain the support, growth discipline and education for graduates to stay on their game. This can be your old board getting back together, or a different board of graduates each time (organised by RCS). ProLink™ runs in conjunction with EL meetings.


Learn, grow and enjoy together with other GrowthLink™ members.

It is made up of a high level network of likeminded people with an insatiable appetite to continue learning. GrowthLink aims to stretch your knowledge and comfort zone by exposing you to an enormous range of experiences and ideas you never knew existed. Enjoy less formal board processes – with some peer review, and take time out to focus more on personal growth than on business.

GrowthLink is a unique on-going professional development program to provide a further avenue for personal and business growth.