Kim Kiss

Kim Kiss

Kim has a longstanding connection to the land and rural communities. She and her husband Bryan have been running their rural business for over 30 years, which includes mixed grazing, trade sheep, a self-replacing cattle herd and meat bird poultry. 

Based in Central NSW, Kim is an accredited Clinical Practitioner in Vibrational Kinesiology (Dawson Program) since 2010. She works with clients on both their own health, and the health of the landscape they live in. 

Following her interest in the landscape, Kim furthered her skills under the teaching and mentoring of internationally renowned Geomancy practitioner Dr Patrick MacManaway. Over a period of two and half years Kim travelled with Dr MacManaway during his time in Australia, completing an apprenticeship in Landscape Subtle Energy. 

Kim is available to conduct landscape subtle energy services on farm, at home or in your business. Kim also does remote energy work and provides coaching for those looking to build their experience and confidence in the applications of subtle energy.  

Common applications of subtle energy include clearing imbalances, sourcing site locations, improving water, increasing fertility, removing negative geo pathways and advice on placement of new structures. 

Kim’s specialties include:

  • Subtle Energy
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