Blythe Calnan

Blythe Calnan

Blythe grew up in the Pilbara region of Western Australia where she developed her love for the landscape and agricultural systems. She has worked in the pastoral, mining and aquaculture industries across the north of Australia and now resides in Southwest WA where she is involved with dairy, beef, poultry and promotion of farming practices that promote soil health.  She began working in the Agricultural training space in 2011 when she took on a role increasing capacity in animal welfare, handling and husbandry in markets across the Middle East and Russia that received Australian sheep and cattle.  

Blythe became interested in regenerative agricultural systems after observing widespread land degradation and resulting food insecurity in Australia and around the globe. This interest led to Blythe and her partner Gregg developing their farming business in Uduc, Southwest WA.  

Farming as ‘Runnymede’ they’ve transitioned high input farming land into productive regenerative management, developed beef breeders and finishing with objectives of resilience, efficiency and ease of management in a grass-based environment, established a well-regarded pastured egg business that provides cash flow, community employment opportunities, soil health benefits and expanded their operations via unconventional methods by creating strong relationships built on foundations of shared values, good communication and innovative proposals that benefit all involved.  

Blythe began working with RCS in 2022. Recognising the value that she had received from her involvement with RCS and the potential that this support offered to producers from every area of Australia and globally, she is dedicated to utilising her skills, knowledge and experience to support others in achieving their goals and visions.  

Blythe participated in Farming & GrazingforProfit and RCS Next Steps in 2021 and found the holistic support that their business required. This support that recognises and addresses the complexity of agricultural businesses is the missing link for many producers wanting to develop businesses that are productive, profitable, sustainable and provide fulfilment and enjoyment for those involved.  

Blythe believes the key to RCS’ success is in supporting producers by giving them direction and purpose in determining their own goals and vision for their lives, family and land, developing an understanding of the principles of soil, plants, animals and business, and connecting them with skills, structure, ideas, experience and network who will support them on their journey achieving their goals.   

Blythe’s specialties include:

  • Grazing Management (including Grazing Charts)
  • Pastures
  • Property Development and Planning
  • Soil Health
  • Strategic Planning
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