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Are you a business wrestling with the big questions?

How to get better at farm management, navigate business challenges, achieve financial stability and of course, grow more grass! 

At RCS, we’ve been empowering thousands of producers across Australia since 1985. Our secret lies in our expert-led courses, advisory, and coaching, designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to thrive.

Why choose RCS?

  • Proven results: We’ve helped countless producers of all sizes build resilient, profitable businesses, focusing on results that matter to you, whether financial, relationships, or environmental.
  • Expert guidance: Our team boasts the best in the industry, passionate about sharing their farm management knowledge and helping you implement it immediately.
  • 360 degree approach: We go beyond only farm management, grazing and cropping, to encompass business management skills and financial literacy, giving you a well-rounded perspective.

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Trevor Crook | General Manager 

Actionable Knowledge: Gain practical skills you can implement immediately to see results.

Grazing for Profit in Toowoomba 2023

Grazing for Profit®

Australia’s # 1 Agribusiness Course | 6.5 days

Short Course Grazing

2.5-Day Short Course Intensive

RCS offers Australia's # 1 coaching and advisory services for farmers and producers looking to improve their business management.

Coaching & Advisory

Customised Agribusiness Coaching 

The conversation around destocking had begun...

The taps had turned off and the discussion around implementing drought management strategies were circulating. It was around this time that Maddy happened to go on a course that would change her mindset and approach to cattle production completely. This course was Grazing for Profit®.

See how RCS empowers rural businesses like Black Creek Pastoral Co. Read Maddy Pursehouse’s story. 


Unlock a treasure trove of insights, peer advice, and performance benchmarks aimed at accountability and support

NRM Groups

Supporting your funding goals and empowering your farmers with our expertise in farming sustainably. 

Soil Carbon

Natural capital is fundamental in maintaining ecosystem services that are vital for the production of healthy food.

Hear from Grazing for Profit® Graduates

In this short 3-minute video hear from course graduates about their experience at Australia’s leading farm management course – Grazing for Profit®.

Hear from ExecutiveLink® Graduates

In this short 3-minute video hear from producers about their experience at ExecutiveLink®.

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I find my role facilitating Grazing for Profit® so enjoyable, the friendships, bonding and results are truly special.

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