Debbie McBryde

Debbie McBryde

Debbie is a graduate of RCS training and professional development including ExecutiveLink®. She is based at her property near Moura, QLD where she co-manages a cattle finishing/fattening enterprise. 

Debbie is an accredited Clinical Practitioner in Vibrational Kinesiology (Dawson Program) and for many years has applied subtle energy knowledge to cattle and landscapes. This work has underpinned the successful development of a chemical free, welfare focused grazing management system. 

Following her interest in landscape health, Debbie furthered her skills under the teaching and mentoring of internationally renowned Geomancy practitioner Dr Patrick MacManaway and is a qualified practitioner in this area. 

Subtle energy applications are numerous and diverse. Common applications include identifying and clearing imbalances, enhancing vitality of elements within the natural landscape and optimising the potential of operational and production systems within enterprises. 

Debbie is available to conduct landscape subtle energy services on farms, houses and businesses. She also does remote energy work and is available to provide coaching for those looking to develop their experience and confidence in the applications of subtle energy. 

Debbie’s specialties include:

  • Subtle Energy
  • Kinesiology
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