RCS vegetation management expert Peter Spies in the field

Vegetation management experience now within RCS

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RCS vegetation management expert Peter Spies in the fieldRCS is excited to welcome Peter Spies to the team.

Hailing from the Darling Downs, Peter has spent the last 18 years on the Atherton Tablelands where he runs a beef cattle operation, and prior to that Clermont and Charters Towers.

With years of research, survey and consultancy experience, Peter has developed skills across a broad range of environmental sciences, including a comprehensive knowledge of environmental legislation and policies for all levels of government. Much of his expertise lies in the fields of botany (trees and grasses), landscapes and soils, particularly in the Dry Tropics, Brigalow Belt, South and central Queensland and the Mulga lands, while his knowledge of environmental issues spans environments across Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales.

He has managed and conducted vegetation management assessments for a number of agricultural projects, including linear infrastructure (fenceline, power, road and firebreaks), and urban (residential) development. Assessments have included ecological components of environmental impact assessments and federal EPBC Act. He was principal consultant for 16 High-value Agriculture applications in Queensland and wrote the Grazing Land Type sheets for Cape York.

Peter has developed and implemented monitoring programs for rehabilitation/ restoration areas, monitoring change for the management of soil condition, pasture health, weed mapping, fire management and vegetation condition baselines. He has conducted numerous Regional Ecosystem assessments, soils mapping work and code assessment as a consultant for Landholders.

A skill of immediate benefit to many of you is an audit of your Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV).  With many recent changes to legislation, Peter can complete a desktop report on your current PMAV status, complete PMAV correction requests (remapping), determination of remnant/non-remnant and is approved to conduct flora surveys in relation to the presence/absence of protected species in ‘high risk’ areas where clearing is proposed (blue flora survey trigger mapping).  He can also prepare land management plans for parcels of land with high conservation value, developing strategies and procedures for pest management and offset policy requirements and conservation.

Peter is familiar with the Vegetation Management Act 1999, Rural and Property Development aspects of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Nature Conservation Act 1992, Land Act 1994, Soil Conservation Act 1986, and subordinate legislation, regulations, codes and policy and has briefed solicitors around Vegetation Management issues for clients.

So, if you’ve got any questions about your PMAV, soil test or landtypes – Peter is here and more than happy to help out.  His PMAV services start with a low cost report on your Lot/Plans with current vegetation management status and restrictions. Contact us on 1800 356 004 or email info@rcsaustralia.com.au to find out more on how Peter can help you.


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