We connect farmers, the most noble professionals in the world,
with their true purpose: healthy food production.


For generations, RCS has been inspired to work with Australian farmers to create our vision of an agricultural industry built upon…


  • Are happy, healthy and content
  • Achieve their personal and business goals
  • Manage the ecosystem 10 metres above and below ground
  • Create wealth forever from the sun, air, water and land
  • Actively contribute to dynamic communities

SOILS that:

  • Have high or increasing organic matter
  • Sequester carbon
  • Always have complete ground cover
  • Are loose and friable
  • Are stable with new topsoil forming
  • Are alive with biomass that increases productivity

In the GRAZING industries…


  • Consist of a diverse range of species
  • Are productive without chemical maintenance
  • Require low to nil fertiliser input
  • Are truly permanent
  • Use sunlight and water effectively


  • Are healthy, productive and content
  • Are maintenance-free

In the CROPPING industries…


  • Improve the health and quality of soil and water
  • Work with nature
  • Are diverse, permanent and regenerative
  • Produce healthy, safe and nutrient dense food
  • Use sunlight and water effectively


  • Are managed professionally
  • People passionately want to work in
  • Implement practices that will be regenerative and profitable for thousands of years