Our clients’ thoughts on RCS, and specifically the GrazingforProfit™ School – Australia’s premier business school for the agricultural industry.

Our journey with RCS has been without doubt the single most beneficial thing we have ever done for our business.Greg and Carol Ryan

We attended GFP in the late 1990s and found it enabled us to continue to develop the business and management skills required for today’s farming. Our business implement the principles learnt at the GrazingforProfit™ School every day, and would highly recommend that those wanting to build a strong business attend.Jim & Terry Lindsay, Hughenden QLD

Fantastic value for money. As a young grazier it has allowed me to concentrate on the important aspects of grazing and use the theories to make both my personal and business life prosper.Ben Michelmore, Nebo, QLD

This course provided me with some valuable “me time” where I developed some new skills, blew away some outdated ideas, confirmed some of the things we had already been doing, mixed with like minded people and still had fun doing it. Overall your school is excellent. It is many, many years of farm knowledge and analysis crammed into seven days.Tim Burvill, Stirling, SA

Do this early in your working life – it is a fabulous base of knowledge that I wish I had 20 years ago!Melody Robinson, Guerie, NSW

I was there and to all who are still in the stage of “I might do this one day” take the leap. It has been the greatest positive learning experience for me in the last 30 years. Knowledge is power and the amount of knowledge I gained from this course makes me feel like a Sherman Tank. I am still on my way home and well aware of the mountain of work (WITB) that awaits me at home but there will be time to implement and further develop what I have learnt these last eight days. I now have the tools, it’s now up to me to use them – and I do believe there will be a lot of this happening. A big THANK YOU to the RCS team and in particular to Terry McCosker. Congratulations for a brilliant course and great organisation of everything that goes with it.Alexandra Guild, Millaa Millaa, QLD

Get off the edge and sign up, you won’t regret it!John Cranney, Goondiwindi, QLD

You can’t imagine what you will get out of the theory, the group and yourself. If you want to farm with direction, with profitability, for your self and the land, this course is a must.Jenifer Jeremic, Cobar, NSW

A completely different outlook and view on agriculture. Everything you thought you knew about agriculture, be ready to think outside the paradigm. Thanks Terry, the most fulfilling seven days of education in my life at the GrazingforProfit™ School.Scott Baker, Boggabilla, NSW

Our family was certified organic for about 14 years before we did a GrazingforProfit™ School. I wish we’d done the school first as the principles we brought back made organic farming so much easier to profitably implement.Matt O’Leary, Australian Organic Meats, NSW

It helped “round-out” things I had observed at home but couldn’t find an answer for. Any money spent on education is an investment in your future. Wide range of subjects, well presented, excellent use of learning style. Good range of people from diverse backgrounds. Has initiated a desire to return home and achieve – something I had lost.Paul Smith, Alice Springs, NT

The confidence I received from this course is invaluable. I feel ready to kick-start our business both in the office and in the paddock. I can’t wait to get started! It’s one of the most intensive weeks I’ve ever had – but so very worthwhile. Do it and you won’t regret it.Keryn Marshall, Goodooga, NSW

The power of positive thinking, communicating with others, time management, business and finance training were just a few of the best things to come out of this GrazingforProfit™ School for me.Meredith Andrews, Trangie, NSW

Very worthwhile, the more people from the business that can attend the better.James Armstrong, Cassilis, NSW

I have gained so much as a result of attending GrazingforProfit™ that I really want everyone else to have the same opportunity.Simon Menzel, Branxholme, VIC

You can’t put a price on one expense if you are increasing profit.Lachlan Knight, Loomberah, NSW

Just do it.Sean Marshall, Goodooga, NSW

I’ve been talking with a lot of producers and it seems to me the ones that are doing well or at least coping in these difficult times all have RCS in common.Margaret Atkinson, Program Development Manager, JCU/QDAFF Tropical Agricultural RD&E collaboration, Townsville

I think it was a great course to broaden my horizons. It was great that the main focus was on profit and that incorporated a lot of traditional styles of farming also.Mitch Darlington, Gulgong, NSW

This course has been great…thoroughly educational and of a high value to the business. It forced me to question every idea I ever had about the cattle industry. You can’t put a dollar value on knowledge and empowerment. The presentation style was great and encouraged learning.Matthew Turich, Gladstone, QLD

The GFP has been an extremely valuable experience for my overall knowledge, understanding and future. I now realise what factors influence the ecosystem we live in, our management and ultimately profit. It has given me a great sense of purpose and direction. The course has also been a wonderful opportunity for my husband and I to be “singing from the same book” by recognising a mutual set of goals for our business and life in general. The delivery of the course maintained my interest and concentration whilst also contributing to my level of understanding.Joy McClymont, Longreach, QLD

It changes your focus and energy to the place where you wish to be.Wayne Kerr, Coleambally, NSW

Opened our eyes. Well worth the investment. There was a comprehensive range of subjects that was well presented with a good cross-section of methods to keep our attention.Phillipa McGuigan, Dalby, QLD

The best thing about GFP was having the tools presented to gain success from working on the land. Also, having the battery charged to step out and have a go. Remove all doubt, this course is a good investment, not just for the grazier but any person interested in improving performance on any level will get something from this.Clarke Kelly, Moree, NSW

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