The Conference That Was

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As Jake Chandler, Executive Link champion and raconteur put it so eloquently –

The defining memory of the conference that was Convergence was indeed convergence. We were taken on a journey from cellular soil microbiology to plant and animal behaviour (yes plant behaviour people) their impact on the landscape and that of human stewardship, personal economics to well-being macro-economics, self-development and an abundance mindset, consideration for indigenous wisdom and conciliation all whilst united with like minds, sealed with personal stories from the most inspirational growers I’ve ever heard.” Perfectly summarised Jake, and Anthony James, the extraordinary MC, would be proud.

Convergence Agriculture – Human and Planetary Health is an enormous topic and one that has headlined most RCS communications for a couple of years now. I suspect it will probably get a lot bigger in the very-near future and way beyond RCS! It ought not to have scared anyone off, despite it going to the core of what and how humans are going to plan their very existence for the next 5000 years.

The subjects so eloquently presented by Anthony James, David McLean, Fred Provenza, Diana Rodgers, Joel Williams, Walter Jehne, Nick Thompson, Peter Richardson, Carmel Onions, Melanie Zeppel, Garlone Moulin, Robert Pekin, Gaala Watson, Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Zach Bush, Di Haggerty, Lorraine Gordon, Sarah McCrum, Dr Katherine Trebeck, Dr Terry McCosker OAM, Rod Mildner, Carly Baker-Burnham, Katie Collins, Craig Davison and Dr Charles Massay OAM were synchronised extraordinarily well. Some of this was simply the universe intervening, sometimes paradoxically but much of it was due to the intricate planning that went behind every one of those inspiring 90,000 seconds that was Convergence.

The sponsors, the Dinner, the Brisbane Convention Centre, the food, the Trade Stands, the 99 On-line participants and all the 565 wonderfully dedicated in-person attendees folded into one brilliant outcome – that the ripple has become a wave. The rise of Regenerative agriculture is the catalyst that future generations will research in history books (whatever they will look like) and exclaim, “Thank goodness that those dedicated farmers back in 2022 looked for different ways to treat their land, their soils, their animals and their food production. Thank goodness they saw with new eyes what others could or would not see. And thanks for understanding the Jehne Theorem of Rootability, Mum and Dad.”

Convergence 2022 has become a defining point in time. That it’s now even more likely that those 664 people who heard it, felt it and lived it would want to return home and renew their urgency to ‘just get on with it’, dare to make changes with the comfort of shared information and experiences is reason enough.

But the real reason for making a change to the way we roll food and fibre and farming and families and even f-ing big companies all into an alliance of Regenerative Agriculture is because it just works. And it feels better and we can all see a brilliant horizon for our children’s children’s children for 5000 years and beyond.

Hats off RCS. Hold onto your hats, the rest of you. This will be the ride of our lives.

Nic Kentish
RCS Advisor, Facilitator and Coach, Hahndorf SA

Images: Sally Batt Photography

A Special Gala Dinner:

We came together on the Saturday night which was great to catch up with those we haven’t seen for sometime, dined on local produce including Paradigm Foods “Roots Regenerative’ beef and enjoyed live entertainment.

The table centerpieces of native flowers were up for purchase with the intent to ‘pay it forward’. All proceeds went to the Royal Australian Flying Doctor Service, over $4,650 was raised…. and counting.

Access to recordings

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