Read stories of inspiring producers innovating land management practices to improve the health and longevity of their grazing businesses while decreasing sediment run-off into Great Barrier Reef catchments.

Brett and Pip Krafft

‘Rainbow Hill’, Thangool.

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Richard and Adele Acton

‘Greenroc’, Thangool.

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Andrew and Tali Brownlie

‘Lochmead’, Emerald.

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With funding through the Reef Trust Phase Three Investment Programme, the Australian Government appointed RCS to deliver the 2016-2019 stage of Project Pioneer – Innovation in Grazing Management, which has supported graziers to innovate land management practices and decrease sediment run-off across high priority grazing lands within Great Barrier Reef catchments. The project is supported by WWF, CQUniversity, Maia Technology and Farm Map 4D.