The Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ is a specially tailored version of the successful GrazingforProfit™ School which has been the pillar for educating rural businesses in Australia since 1990.

Delivery of this content is via a range of teaching processes including lecturing, discussion, group work, paddock walks, videos, slides and diagrams/drawing on flip charts. What is delivered, how and when is a flexible process based around a focus on delivering key messages and principles in a way that best suits the individual group.

The Indigenous GFP is a life changing experience that deals in depth with every part of the participants’ life, production, ecosystem and business.

Attending the Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ School, it will empower you to:

  • Learn about the money story in your business
  • Further define your goals and direction clearly
  • Take control over your land management
  • Take control of your business
  • Identify what is working and what is hurting in your business
  • Develop your drought management plan
  • Improve animal health and performance
  • Grow more grass from less rain (rainfall efficiency)
  • Communicate better
  • Work on the business as well as in it

The original GrazingforProfit™ School originated in Zimbabwe and South Africa over 30 years ago with Dr Stan Parsons, who has since taught it in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Dr Parsons taught the first Australian GrazingforProfit™ School in February, 1990 for RCS. Terry McCosker and the RCS Team has since empowered over 5,500 graduates with the GFP management concepts.

Today, the GrazingforProfit™ School is Australia’s premier business school for the agricultural industry, being the longest running, and most attended management school conducted in rural Australia. It covers everything that affects a family grazing and farming business in one holistic package and has been continuously updated for the last 30 years. All this wisdom goes into the Indigenous Grazing for Profit.

When you walk away from the Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ School, we guarantee you will never look at land and business the same again.

david6_smallerYour Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ experience will delve into every aspect of your business and outline the fundamental principles of people, land, livestock and business success.

During an interactive four day program, all participants will learn to ‘understand the whole’ of what will determine if their business is still around for the next generation. We completely change our language, teaching content and delivery styles for the audience. After every program we learn and adapt to ensure the Indigenous GFP creates the same life changing outcomes the full GrazingforProfit™ has for decades. The course covers four key areas: People, Business, Land and Livestock.



Working with people
Learn about the two worlds we deal with and how to manage it. Where does community governance fit into the picture and what do we actually have to do?

Vision and goal setting
Define where you want to go with life personally and as a business and learn simple, effective methods of achieving them. You will develop strategies to overcome the constraints that may be holding you back. Listen to examples of powerful visions and what impact they’ve had on the world.

Management effectiveness
It is possible to be 100% efficient but zero percent effective. We’ll introduce you to management effectiveness; improve your decision-making processes; and give you tools to achieve your goals. Learn about paradigms and which ones are affecting your day to day life.

The most important resource in any operation is the people! In this section we talk about the brutal truth of human health statistics and what the participants can do to create a healthier version of themselves.

Time management
You will take away the key principles to manage your time.



The money story
Where does money come from and where does it go for you, your business and the government. You will learn the three secrets to improving profit in any business, and then learn how to apply the three secrets to eliminate dead wood from your operation, but firstly we must understand the money tracks (money flows).

Managing the money
Understand what a business is and exactly who owns it. Step by step learn how to construct a budget. More importantly understand ‘why’ to have a budget and how to use it in the business.   Get to know what to plan, when, why and how to use it. With other members of your mob conduct a self-audit to see how you are going.



The ecological pie
As farmers and graziers, we get three of our raw materials for nothing. Sunlight, rainfall and ecosystem services are provided to us by Mother Nature. Learn how to harness these to improve ecosystem health, reduce costs, increase production and increase profit. Unwrap the mystery of Carbon to understand exactly what it means in your business.

Another common breakthrough for graduates is to understand (in simple terms) how grass grows and how we influence that growth as managers.

Six principles of regenerative grazing
No matter what landscape you graze animals on, these principles apply you! A major revision of the principles in early 2015 has transformed the way attendees at our courses look at how they manage their land. How you apply these principles will be different for everyone depending on their personal goals and circumstances. Extensive operations will apply them in one way, intensive operations will apply them another, however just like the principle of gravity the principles still work! These basic principles behind regenerative grazing have been known for centuries. The last century has provided us with the scientific knowledge and practical experience/outcomes to understand how to benefit from using the livestock to improve pasture and soil. The RCS Team have visited thousands of farms and reviewed numerous research papers to develop these principles over the past 30 years which dovetail with your new understanding of the ecological pie.

Grazing chart
The most powerful tool you will take away from the GrazingforProfit™ School is the grazing chart. It has the capacity to pay for the School ten times over, every year. It is our best-kept secret.

Physical planning
There are a few basic principles that could save you a great deal of sweat, anxiety and money. Thousands of farmers have made these decisions before and now you can learn from their experiences. It will be worth tens-of-thousands of dollars to you.

Develop your own drought management plan, which will help you prepare for, manage and recover the four key elements of drought. Our goal is for you to have your land and livestock in such condition that one would not suspect any deterioration in season. You’ll learn strategies that farmers on three continents have used successfully for decades.



Practical management
As a group work step by step through a muster to determine what happens, what is needed and when, who do we need to talk to.

Learn what the responsibilities are for animal health and welfare and how to make sure the animals are remain healthy and your team doesn’t face legal proceedings!

Nutrition principles
High animal performance is a direct consequence of nutrition. At the school you will learn the basics of rumen function and when and how to use protein and mineral supplements. Our focus is on increasing the gross margin of livestock rather than just production.

Reproduction principles
The nine reproduction principles have evolved from practical experience over the last four decades. Applying these principles will increase the gross margin of breeding stock.

Managing livestock for profit
There are six key areas of concern for profitable animal production, which you will learn. Within grazing management there are a further six mistakes to avoid. Take away the knowledge to avoid the mistakes that others have learnt from.

Excellent, well-coordinated with engaging delivery. Covered a broad range of subjects in a short period of time. Well-tailored for a particular group with specific issues and requirements.Julian Murray
Everything runs very well and I do like it. I have learnt a lot and I say it’s good.David Johnson
The visual parts were best. Very good – I look forward to more of it.Alastair Macdonald
Learning – the teachers are an asset, clear and knowledge fantastic. All information presented well. Breaks thoughtful – allowed myself to stay focused at all the sessions. Fantastic! Thank-you for all the learning.


The Indigenous GFP is generally run in partnership with other organisations as requested. We can run a school in most locations provided they have a comfortable teaching area conducive to learning. The dates are mutually agreed between RCS and the partnering organization based on presenter availability and what time of year is most suited for the target group.
The Indigenous GFP is generally run in partnership with other organisations as requested. We can run a school in most locations provided they have a comfortable teaching area conducive to learning. The dates are mutually agreed between RCS and the partnering organization based on presenter availability and what time of year is most suited for the target group.
RCS recommend having a minimum of 12 attendees in the group to ensure adequate range of experience, backgrounds and personality types.
Please contact RCS for a quote to run a school with your group.
A lot of people who attend our programs share your concern. But, our specialty is breaking down what can be complicated concepts into very simple principles and step-by-step methods. If you are concerned about your skill with numbers, you won’t be alone, and you won’t be left behind. Each section of the course is designed to help you understand the principles and apply them to your property. Our presenters are all trained facilitators as well as experienced practitioners of the principles. They will adapt the course to suit the group.
We asked a recent graduate with no farming background to answer this question for you! Here’s what she said.

“Yes, it is not a problem at all as the school isn’t just about farming. It is a holistic program that also goes into personal development, finance and team building. It helps to have an interest in agriculture however the training is delivered within groups so the other members of your group can help you understand the finer points of agriculture. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous before the course but that dissipated on day 1!”

Each Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ School is taught by one of our highly qualified instructors, all with practical experience. For a brief biography of the Indigenous GFP instructors (David McLean, James Pitts and Garry McDouall) view Our People.
Yes. We’ve been working with agricultural businesses of all sizes and types on four continents for over 30 years and have encountered about every exception to the rule. We have yet to find one that could not benefit from these principles and methods. Occasionally processes need to be adapted to accommodate unique situations. Our instructors will work with you to help you apply the principles and processes to your situation.
It has to be. The future of rural communities depends on it. Our graduates are the ultimate test of the validity of the principles and processes we teach. The average Australian rural business Return on Assets in recent years has dropped to 0.5%*.  This is before servicing any debt and given the high rural debt, it is an unsustainable situation.  Analysis of years of data shows the average GrazingforProfit™ School graduate participating in the ExecutiveLink™ program increases ROA by 3.5%. The RCS business is all about helping you structure healthy, happy profit into yours. You’ll find that structuring your farm or property to make a profit will reduce your stress and increase your enjoyment of the great lifestyle this business can offer.

*Source RCS Profit Probe. Not including land appreciation.

If you complete the GrazingforProfit™ School and at the end believe you have not received your money’s worth, we will refund the fee in full.
The School is constantly evolving and we are forever tweaking the teaching order to continually create the best learning environment possible, therefore, the outline below is a guide only.

Day 1:

Getting Started
– Clarify objectives

Working with People
– Three legged pot
– Two Worlds – how we manage them
– Paradigms
– Working in the Business versus Working on the Business
– Community Governance – how do we manage it

Vision and Goals
Martin Luther King Jnr – “I have a dream”

Day 2:

– Getting started
– Stockflow
– Budgets

Introduction to Business
Money tracks
– Three secrets of profit

Managing the Cattle Business
Who owns the business
– How are we going? – Self audit.

Day 3:


Ecological Management Model
– Carbon
– Soil Health
– Biodiversity
– Energy Flow

How Grass Grows

Grazing Principles

Day 4:

Drought Management

– Wiltbank principles

– Ruminant nutrition
– Supplementing                  

Money-back satisfaction guarantee

We are passionate and committed to empowering you. Attend the Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ School in its entirety with an open mind for learning, and we are confident you will receive the tools and knowledge to return home and improve your business and relationships. If, for any reason you don’t believe the GFP has delivered on our promise we will refund the entire course fee within one month of its completion.