Use the experience and 30 year history in agriculture of RCS to conduct detailed feasibility studies into acquisitions or fixing non performing businesses.

Analysing an agribusiness requires a multi-disciplinary, holistic set of skills which are hard to find outside of RCS. If you want an unbiased, professional opinion of what is really going on in your business then we are the company to talk to. We can draw from years of experience both at a practical and professional level to turn data intro meaningful information you can use for decision making. We can also compare your results against your peers for a truly honest comparative analysis of how you are really going.

Businesses don’t fail, people do! Many business failures are predictable when you know how to analyse a business properly and honestly. We pride ourselves on giving our clients honest and reliable information. It isn’t always good to hear if the results aren’t good however it is important to know a crash is coming and take evasive action before the impact is fatal!

Decision makers, not completely familiar with agriculture, require deep technical, financial and business advice in conjunction with meaningful information to make professional decisions. We help for that to occur.

Our feasibility studies begin with an understanding of the land, water and human resources and progress through to the physical and production opportunities. After which, we complete five-year plans and financial analysis of options prior to reporting our recommendations.

Three to four weeks notice is generally required depending on the size of the job.
Specifically what work we do changes on a client by client basis after determining their individual needs. The feasibility study typically includes

  • On ground inspection
  • Discussion with on property staff
  • Assessment of land and water resources
  • Assessment of management capability
  • Options for business improvement
  • Development costs
  • Five year cash flow projections
  • Benchmarking key performance indicators over 5 year projections

We prefer to report verbally to decision makers and keep reports short. This also allows decision makers to ask any questions needed to clarify the advice.

A quote can be provided based on the brief and travel requirements.
We firstly need to understand your goals, your expectations and needs. Access to your financial and production history is also required. In reality, the more information you can provide, the more comprehensive our advice will be. In the absence of meaningful data, we can still work with most clients to support them in making decisions using our depth of experience.
As a private consulting firm now over 30 years old, our reputation and name is just as important to us as yours is to you! Our delivery team is exposed to highly sensitive information every week and we pride ourselves on the fact that clients trust us enough to be honest and share their personal details. Whenever necessary, a confidentiality agreement can be signed to guarantee your information remains private