Since 2003 RCS has been customising our delivery styles and content to specifically suit indigenous groups. This includes the Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ School, professional advice as well as tailored professional development and support programs.

Our goal is to work with indigenous groups and empower all involved parties to be the most professional managers possible, creating healthy landscapes, happy people and robust businesses.

People Land Livestock, Crops Business Community

Education / Knowledge

The Indigenous GrazingforProfit is a specially tailored version of the successful GrazingforProfit™ School which has been the pillar for educating rural businesses in Australia since 1990.

Delivery of this content is via a range of teaching processes including lecturing, discussion, group work, paddock walks, videos, slides and diagrams/drawing on flip charts. What is delivered, how and when is a flexible process based around a focus on delivering key messages and principles in a way that best suits the individual group.

Feasability Studies & Strategic Business Improvement

Use the experience and 30 year history in agriculture of RCS to conduct detailed feasibility studies into acquisitions or fixing non performing businesses.

Analysing an agribusiness requires a multi-disciplinary, holistic set of skills which are hard to find outside of RCS. If you want an unbiased, professional opinion of what is really going on in your business then we are the company to talk to. We can draw from years of experience both at a practical and professional level to turn data intro meaningful information you can use for decision making. We can also compare your results against your peers for a truly honest comparative analysis of how you are really going.

Property Management Support

RCS provides a highly skilled layer of technical, production and financial support between traditional owners and managers in indigenous owned businesses. This protects traditional owners against bias from management and provides management with accountability, strategies and direction in their language.

This program is highly adaptable and can be extremely comprehensive.

Benchmarking and Business Analysis

ProfitProbe™ is a convenient and timely business analysis and benchmarking tool, which will help you make positive steps for your business’ future.

High performing businesses have been making comparisons between themselves and others for many years without necessarily labeling the exercise as benchmarking.

In many ways, comparing your own performance from year to year as business decisions are made is just as powerful as comparing your results against your peers.

The new and improved input sheet and automatic analysis provide you with a detailed draft report within two working days in most cases.