Dr Patrick MacManaway has produced some of the first scientific evidence of the effects of subtle energy in modern agriculture with yield increases in potatoes of 4%, 16%, 18%, 42% and 47% on five different varieties.

Patrick holds a Medical Degree from the University of Edinburgh and is an international holistic therapist, specialising in work with landscapes, geopathic stress and earth acupuncture.

Patrick brings a holistic perspective to enhancing the health and vitality of landscapes. Early agricultural practices seeking to balance these factors in the landscape have been shown to increase the growing season and to affect plant, animal and human health directly.

This re-emerging knowledge is now becoming integrated with great promise for enhancing our immediate domestic and working environments as well as guiding stewardship practices in the landscape at large.

Patrick heads the RCS three-part Quantum Leap Workshop Series, is available for One-on-One Consulting and Follow Up whilst in Australia and has a 12-month Remote Maintenance Package for those wanting ongoing assistance.

Dr MacManaway utilises knowledge and skills passed down from generations before, resulting in him being a highly sought after landscape, crop and livestock consultant across Europe, America and now Australia!