Dr. Patrick MacManaway has produced some of the first scientific evidence of the effects of subtle energy in modern agriculture with yield increases in potatoes of 4%, 16%, 18%, 42% and 47% on five different varieties.

Patrick holds a Medical Degree from the University of Edinburgh and is an international holistic therapist, specialising in work with landscapes, geopathic stress and earth acupuncture.

Patrick brings a holistic perspective to enhancing the health and vitality of landscapes. Early agricultural practices seeking to balance these factors in the landscape have been shown to increase the growing season and to directly affect plant, animal and human health.

This re-emerging knowledge is now becoming integrated with great promise for enhancing our immediate domestic and working environments as well as guiding stewardship practices in the landscape at large.

Patrick heads the RCS three-part Quantum Leap Workshop Series, is available for One-on-One Consulting and Follow Up whilst in Australia and has a 12 month Remote Maintenance Package for those wanting ongoing assistance.

Dr MacManaway utilises knowledge and skills passed down from generations before, resulting in him being a highly sought after landscape, crop and livestock consultant across Europe, America and now Australia!


Consulting Services for Homes, Farms, Offices and Commercial Sites

Patrick works with subtle energy to remove geopathic stress, clear and balance landscape energies, and clear human residual energy.

In the home – these corrections can lead to improvements in sleep, health, communication and family dynamics.

On a farm or property – Patrick’s work with subtle energy enhances plant and animal fertility, health and productivity. Patrick gives attention to the vitality and health of every part of the growing system in order to increase the intensity and diversity of life. By remediating geopathic stress, balancing and optimising landscape energies for crops or pastures, Patrick’s clients have received dramatic yield increases, and results such as up to 60% reduction in mastitis, and
20% increase in wheat yield.

Many clients have found benefits ranging from smooth operation of machinery, to increased germination, and improved animal production. See below for comments from past clients.

Within a commercial environment – clearing and balancing environmental energies can help to improve clarity and creativity, reduce stress, burnout and sickness, and improve productivity and profitability.

Dr. Patrick MacManaway’s 2020 Australia availability:

Consulting – Southern Australia


1st – 9th May

Consulting – Northern Australia


11th – 17th July
10th – 20th October

Please contact us regarding your specific circumstances, phone 1800 356 004 or email info@rcsaustralia.com.au.

$3,000 + GST per day
Includes travel

The energy in the area feels totally different and people are saying how well they are sleeping, and how much energy they have. The horses are so settled and Toffee in particular has had a personality transplant and not bitten me for a week! I do feel amazing, I have reconnected or something not quite sure, just hope it continues.

Again thank you for your help and advice.

Anon – 16/11/13

We poured some of the blessed water into a trough with algae and it was clear the next day!

Anon – 16/11/13

We had rain this week and asked for the best possible fall from the change coming through. We measured 34mm and the neighbours only had 20 to 25mm.

Anon – 16/11/13

Our son arrived home last Friday and has slept well in his room. He said he used to see and sense something in his room so you have changed that for him.

Anon – 16/11/13

All the yields were very good, especially the corner paddock that was new to irrigation. You did some work on it and it was our best performing paddock. The livestock look extremely well and healthy. In October one of our senior staff members left. Even though our work load was too large from October to February, we have a really pleasant work atmosphere here and the staff all appear to be happy. This has improved markedly since your visit. We have put in place an eradication program for the foot rot and it appears to be going well. Barley crop yields were the best we have ever had. Other crops averaged very good yields with a lot less weak areas than normal, in fact they probably averaged as high as we have had.


Patrick’s involvement on our property has been amazing. We have really seen subtle energy working… The sheep market has been very depressed but we topped the re-stocker market with our lambs when we decided to sell and our wool broker rang us as he couldn’t believe the price we got for our lambs wool, 200 cents over evaluation. The grader which is used all year round for fire breaks, continued to break down when we went to use it for grading new fence lines, after Patrick’s work it hasn’t skipped a beat!

remote-supportFor all of history as an agricultural society, we have directed our attention to enhancing plant and animal fertility, health and productivity – by giving attention to the vitality and health of every part of the growing system. Increasing the richness and productive capacity of spaces both small and large. Increasing the intensity and diversity of life there.

Our current culture has chosen to look primarily at bio-chemistry and at pure chemistry to understand living systems, and enhancements have become progressively more sterile in nature and effect, in paradox to the natural life forces inherent in both soil and plant.

Whether applied in a conventional farm, or an organic one, or a biodynamic one, the effects of applying loving attention and clearing and balancing the subtle energies are of equal benefit however – no either or instead of – and really just an opening of awareness to, and engaging with the many intelligences –the many spirits – of our environment – as they are.

The spirit of the land, of the place itself, the spirit of soil and water, of the plants, the animals – the spirit of the farm, all in relationship with the spirit of the farmer workers and farm families there.

Remote Maintenance and Support Package – includes unlimited support on energy assessment and clearing / balancing / optimising of farm energies as well as coaching and support on farm related intention and farmer practices relating to subtle energy work.

Upfront annual fee: $2,000 + GST

Monthly payment: $200 per month + GST