RCS has been pushing the boundaries for people involved in Australian agriculture since 1985, and feel now is the time to push some more.

We have asked ourselves the question – what does the future hold for agriculture? One thing that is absolutely certain is it will involve change, and change at a faster pace than we have been used to in the past.

All truth passes through 3 stages.
First it is ridiculed.
Second it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Every so often ideas and concepts come up that we discount because they are so foreign to our paradigms and existing knowledge.

Paradigms are boundaries around our thinking and act as filters for the ideas we can accept. They are useful in that they help the brain to sort ideas, however, paradigms hold us back when they prevent us from looking at something differently.

Subtle energy is a topic that can challenge many of our core beliefs. However, that does not make it wrong or irrelevant.


What is subtle energy?

Subtle energy is based on frequencies which can not be measured by conventional instrumentation but which can affect organisms at a cellular level. This science of quantum physics was first mooted by Einstein.

Subtle energy is about things which are so small that they can not be seen but which influence all forms of life. Perhaps the best analogy is to think of bacteria. Most of us have never seen one, and up until a hundred years or so ago, they were not known “or believed” to exist because they could not be seen. However, in the modern era we have instruments which allow them to be studied and we now know they rule the world.

Subtle energy is at a stage today where knowledge of bacteria was in the very beginning. It is hard to grasp and hard to measure but it is very powerful and its effect can be measured. It is best known in the health industry and its application is relatively new to agriculture.


Keep your mind like a parachute. Open it, and explore the possibilities. We invite you to learn more about this newly emerging ‘old science’ and experience some profound results on your own property and in your own farm buildings.

pre-purchase-assessmentQuantum Leap Workshop Series

Your key to learning about the use of subtle energy, its applications, and its importance to your business.

The Quantum Leap Workshops are a three part series where you learn how to effectively manage subtle energy to improve your profitability. As we know, sunlight and rainfall are natural assets which are seen as “freebies” in your production system you can manage and profit from.


“Subtle energy is the next big ‘freebie’ in agriculture. This course will put you on the path to using powerful, ancient knowledge.” says RCS Director Dr. Terry McCosker.

 Quantum Leap Level 1 Workshop


The program gives you the building blocks to understand the principles of subtle energy, and to explore the impact of energy fields on our health and our behaviour. It also provides an understanding of the impact of energy fields on our management of and relationship with our land, our animals and our environment.


  • How to apply subtle energy to landscape, stock and crops.
  • The background, the science and how it links to you.
  • How to develop new skills and how to test those skills in using quantum physics.
  • Just how powerful you can be!

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 Quantum Leap Level 2 Workshop


The Level 2 workshop will enhance your ability to enter and maintain “still mind”, develop your capacity to perceive and engage with the natural intelligence of the ecosystem and develop your capacity to adaptively participate in processes of creative change with landscape intelligence.

  • Use the collective power of the group to remotely apply newly acquired skills to your property.
  • Develop your capacity to perceive and engage with the natural intelligence of the ecosystem.
  • Understand the power of being energetically in balance and be empowered to cultivate life energy around you.
  • Be able to participate and creatively influence core life processes impacting soils, plant growth, animal health, machinery and farm economics.
  • Hear the results that have been achieved internationally in both animal and crop production, as well as at-home applications.

 Quantum Leap Graduate Circle

Graduate Circle is the third part of the Quantum Leap Series. It is for level two graduates to come together for two days of learning, group work and customised tutoring under the instruction and guidance of Dr Patrick MacManaway. This workshop offers a forum to ask specific questions and work on an advanced level with like-minded people.

 Quantum Leap All Levels Workshop


Understanding the Dynamics and Patterns Around Us to Move with Grace and Power

This three-day workshop will explore the world view, understandings and practices arising from subtle energy and traditional shamanism that we can use to help shape and make the most of our daily lives.

The event will include an opportunity for participants to walk on fire if they choose – and the power of the choosing is when we are present by the fire itself and can feel whether or not it is our fire to walk on that night…

This event is open to any participant – please note that some of the material will be a review of the foundational and philosophical principles already familiar to the Quantum Leap Level 1 & 2 graduates.

To see all upcoming Quantum Leap events, click here

Who teaches the Quantum Leap series?

Internationally recognised Dr. Patrick MacManaway (as seen on TV) has produced some of the world’s first scientific research results indicating the effects that subtle energy can have on modern agricultural production.  In his workshop series, he helps you to transform what you have learnt into money making business strategies. Read more about Patrick here.

More than I hoped for. Patrick’s knowledge and style of delivery is kind, gentle and very informative. It has been and honour to be in the company of this group.

Pennie Scott – ACT

It was a whole lot more than I expected.

David Russ - NSW

Really worthwhile few days.

Marie Gunderson-Briggs - NSW

Subtle energy was first introduced by Einstein. It is based on frequencies which affect organisms at a cellular level, and can also be described as pathways of energy running within and between all things.

Subtle energy can be harnessed not only to heal the human body, but also mend and improve our landscape, allowing optimisation of growing conditions for animals and plants. There are agricultural benefits to utilising subtle energy, such as; extended length of growing season; improved disease and drought resistance; and increased yield.

It is perhaps best known in the health industry for its applications within Kinesiology and other human healing.


Throughout the Quantum Leap Workshop series you learn the fundamentals of this newly emerging “old knowledge and science” and how to benefit from it in your life and business.

Some of the key take-aways will be, learning:

  • How to apply subtle energy to landscape, stock and crops.
  • The background, the science and how it links to you.
  • How to develop new skills and how to test those skills in using subtle energy.
  • Just how powerful you can be.
Subtle energy has been used to:
  • Restore the health of livestock
  • Increase production in crops by up to 40%
  • Improve production of land
  • Reduce pest and disease incidences in crops
  • Improve the quality of produce
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