board members around a table in a meeting.

ProLink is available for people who want an business review in an EL format.

Have you completed ExecutiveLink™ and you’re thinking ….

  • My business still needs ongoing attention and discipline.
  • I still need the outcomes, education and discipline of an ExecutiveLink™ board but without the intensity of repeating EL with three meetings per year.

Reinvigorate your business momentum with ProLink! This program will allow you to “maintain the rage” that was obtained during your ExecutiveLink™ journey.


What is ProLink?

ProLink runs just like an EL board but as a once-off meeting. It is designed to maintain the support, growth, discipline and education for graduates to stay on their game. This can be your old board getting back together, or a different board of graduates each time (organised by RCS). ProLink runs in conjunction with EL meetings, but can also be run on-farm over a 2-day program with an RCS Facilitator.