board members around a table in a meeting.

ProLink is available for people who want an business review in an EL format.

Have you completed ExecutiveLink™ and you’re thinking ….

  • My business still needs ongoing attention and discipline.
  • I still need the outcomes, education and discipline of an ExecutiveLink™ board but without the intensity of repeating EL with three meetings per year.

Reinvigorate your business momentum with ProLink! This program will allow you to “maintain the rage” that was obtained during your ExecutiveLink™ journey.


What is ProLink?

ProLink runs just like an EL board but as a once-off meeting. It is designed to maintain the support, growth, discipline and education for graduates to stay on their game. This can be your old board getting back together, or a different board of graduates each time (organised by RCS). ProLink runs in conjunction with EL meetings, but can also be run on-farm over a 2-day program with an RCS Facilitator.

This meeting will operate in accordance with the EL Code of Conduct.

Participants will be required to complete familiarisation forms and ProfitProbe™ prior to the meeting.

Date, location, timing of board sessions and continuing education will be in conjunction with the normal EL program.









Our journey with RCS has been without doubt the single most beneficial think we have ever done for our business. While our property development and grazing management is only in its infancy the positive changes are already occurring at an unbelievable page, plus the benefits to personal development and business skills we have acquired along the way can never be measured.

Even in a year this then when others are looking for unseasonal rain to save the day we can tackle it with confidence knowing that we still have the grass to get us through and water systems in place or planned to be done soon to cover any shortfall in water distribution. This again is thanks to RCS for preparing us in advance for when these seasons come around, and to opening our minds up to believe these projects are possible.

Keep the dream alive with ProLink – we are!

Greg and Carol Ryan – Georgetown, Qld

It is recommended that you complete ProfitProbe™ as it is extremely beneficial not only to you in making strategic decisions, but also to you fellow board members in contributing effectively to your business in just one meeting. However, it is not compulsory just highly desirable.

You can either get your old EL board together and join the EL meeting as a “one-off” or you can apply to RCS to be placed on a board with other EL graduates who would like to re-invigorate themselves with the EL experience in just one meeting.

ProLink has been designed for those who would like to “check-in” in just one meeting. There is no ongoing commitment.

Come along as an individual business and we will organise an amazing board of EL graduates to join you.


Bring your previous EL board or group of peers who want to form a board with you.

Price: $1950 per business (GST exempt)

The meeting includes

  • Fully facilitated and confidential board sessions, allowing safe, open, honest discussion on your personal, family and business goals, with the same timings as EL.
  • ProfitProbe™ benchmarking analysis per business.
  • Continuing Education session.
  • Hot Seat presentation.
  • Invitation to the Wednesday night dinner – let loose and have a laugh.
  • Soapbox Q&A session.
  • The same stimulating and exciting EL environment.