Have you recently reflected on your achievements since completing GrazingforProfit™?

We hope they have been what you planned. 

However, often the reality is that life gets in the way and we fall back into WITB pretty quickly.

  • It is easy to lose focus and step back into old patterns
  • Sometimes it is what we stop doing which saves money in a business
  • We often must give up something in order to move forward – but what should it be?

Our age-old challenge has been providing the after-School support that you need in order to get your systems and your business firing. That’s why we created the RCS Next Steps program.

RCS Next Steps is designed to:

  • Find the deadwood in your business
  • Get your WOTB and office under control
  • Move your life and business forward
  • Clarify goals and dreams and start moving towards them
  • Provide you with a coach to help with blockages and develop your skills
  • Help you implement the key learnings from the School, in an appropriate order

As the name suggests, it is the “next step” after the School and will provide you with the space, framework and your own personal coaching to master the important aspects of your land, production, people and business. It will help you gain direction and momentum to make lifestyle and business changes.

Professional athletes all have coaches to achieve their goals.
Professional management is easier when you’ve got someone to support, motivate and keep you accountable.