Have you recently reflected on your achievements since completing GrazingforProfit™?

We hope they have been what you planned. 

However, often the reality is that life gets in the way and we fall back into WITB pretty quickly.

  • It is easy to lose focus and step back into old patterns
  • Sometimes it is what we stop doing which saves money in a business
  • We often must give up something in order to move forward – but what should it be?

Our age-old challenge has been providing the after-School support that you need in order to get your systems and your business firing. That’s why we created the RCS Next Steps program.

RCS Next Steps is designed to:

  • Find the deadwood in your business
  • Get your WOTB and office under control
  • Move your life and business forward
  • Clarify goals and dreams and start moving towards them
  • Provide you with a coach to help with blockages and develop your skills
  • Help you implement the key learnings from the School, in an appropriate order

As the name suggests, it is the “next step” after the School and will provide you with the space, framework and your own personal coaching to master the important aspects of your land, production, people and business. It will help you gain direction and momentum to make lifestyle and business changes.

Professional athletes all have coaches to achieve their goals.
Professional management is easier when you’ve got someone to support, motivate and keep you accountable.

This program is approved for funding for NSW Farmers, by NSWRAA.


RCS Next Steps is a six-month program designed for GrazingforProfit™ and Farming&GrazingforProfit™ graduates to help you gain maximum leverage off your investment.

You will be assisted by an experienced coach who will help you through two manageable 90 day cycles.

The work plans for these two 90 day cycles are carefully designed to train and coach you to implement the foundations of professional management right from the start. Once these skills are implemented, everything else becomes so much easier.


Your first 90 days

  • Introductory webinar
    • Meet the RCS Team
    • Meet your coach
    • Outline the program

You’ll then work with your coach on these foundation areas:

  • Production data
    • Turn your production data into meaningful information. Critical foundation for further analysis and decision making and essential to get right from the start
  • WOTB
    • We’ll suggest the first WOTB agenda for you to use and have a detailed debrief afterward to discuss what worked, what didn’t and how to improve next time.
  • Vision and goals
    • Work with Katie Zerner (Central Balance, Murgon, Qld) to further refine your strategic direction, vision and the goals to see it become a reality. She will coach and guide you towards a clear vision that inspires everyone.
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Use the RCS pro-forma to define the roles within your business, who is responsible for them and what that actually means.
  • Chart of accounts
    • Organise your accounts into management accounts. Set yourself up for a win when doing analysis later on.

Access training videos focused on the principles behind:

  • Time management
  • Gross margin and enterprise analysis (using the RCS spreadsheets for quick decision making)

Your second 90 days

  • Grazing charts
    • Use your accurate stock numbers to start filling in and USING your grazing chart (includes a training video on grazing charts).
  • Economic analysis
    • Do a full economic analysis of your business from stock and crop flows right through to enterprise analysis, profit drivers and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Benchmarking via ProfitProbe™
    • Complete a detailed benchmarking analysis with comprehensive KPI’s and industry comparisons (includes a training video on benchmarking and business analysis).
  • Vision and goals
    • Revisit and refine your visions and goals (they are always a work in progress).
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Revisit and refine. What need to change from your first draft? What needs more clarity so you have accountability?

Face to face (bringing it all together)
During your second 90 day cycle, join other participants of the RCS Next Steps program at an ExecutiveLink™ meeting (2.5 days). At this meeting you will:

  • Attend the Continuing Education sessions on topics to expand your mind and continue your professional growth.
  • RCS Next Steps review and extension sessions to cement what you’ve done so far and take what you’ve learnt to the next level.
  • RCS Next Steps skills development sessions. Special session to further expand your knowledge and application of professional management.
  • WOTB board session on your business (like you did at GFP). The most powerful part of this process!
  • Network with the current ExecutiveLink™ members and industry leaders.

Consolidated what was learnt at GFP. Board sessions were empowering. Great staff. Amazing network of people.

Anita Dennis – Blackall Qld

Great program to get you organized and find out where your dead wood is. A process to start. An environment to learn about yourself and your business.

Sabrina Benson – Yuleba Qld

Do it! It makes things clearer.

Hugh Button – Longreach Qld

If you’re open to change – do it. If you need help, support, training, accountability and direction – do it!

Andy Rudd – Kandanga Qld

Good for life development, business development and property development.

Peter Cookson – Dirranbandi Qld

We have a team of coaches who are all graduates of the RCS programs and have physically implemented the principles on their own properties. They have been selected as coaches because they know exactly what it is like to be in your position and have proven their ability to nurture and guide people to the point they can implement the principles in their own business.

  • A Workbook to guide you through the process
  • A USB loaded and ready for you to start today with a suite of instructional videos on various topics.
  • A ProfitProbe™ analysis of your business for the last financial year
  • A personal / business coach for 6 months to remove blockages
  • Access to the all staff members on the RCS Team
  • Two, 1 on 1, vision and goal sessions to create greater clarity for your self and your business

$715/month (x six instalments) or
$3,850 upfront

RCS Next Steps is GST exempt.

Whenever it suits your business!

Please contact our office to discuss a time-frame that works best for you.

Please complete the application form in order to be considered for the program.