Learn, grow and enjoy together.

Have you been looking for a relaxed group that can provide you with…

  1. A lifestyle improvement and some mental stimulation.
  2. An outlet from your workaholic tendencies to force you to take downtime for growth.
  3. Ongoing accountability, networking, community and support with people who are in the same headspace and looking to grow and develop in life as well as business.


Learn, grow and enjoy together with other GrowthLink members. It is made up of a high level network of likeminded people with an insatiable appetite to continue learning. GrowthLink aims to stretch your knowledge and comfort zone by exposing you to an enormous range of experiences and ideas you never knew existed. Enjoy less formal board processes – with some peer review, and take time out to focus more on personal growth than on business.

GrowthLink is a unique ongoing professional development program to provide a further avenue for personal and business growth.


GrowthLink has an off-farm focus. It forms these pillars:

  • Creating wealth and passive income
  • Learning to play without guilt (about not working and having fun),
  • Health and well being
  • Personal development
  • Exposure to new ideas

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