Giving you the support, skills and confidence to make the changes necessary to achieve what you want out of life.

ExecutiveLink™ helps graduates of our Schools turn their great ideas into successful actions. It is based on two truths. First, it is easier to see someone else’s problem than it is your own. Second, good intentions aren’t enough. People move further faster when they are held accountable to produce results. ExecutiveLink™ provides structure, support, objective analysis and the accountability it takes to be successful.

As an ExecutiveLink™ member, you will be teamed with other suitable people in a peer advisory board. You and your board will meet three times a year in a facilitated meeting to review each member business.

The ExecutiveLink™ program also includes an outstanding continuing education program designed to challenge your thinking and keep you moving forward.

When Stan and Terry started teaching GrazingforProfit Schools in Australia it quickly became evident it was not possible with the rapid growth in graduate numbers, to provide the support needed to each business on a one-on-one basis. ExecutiveLink™ was conceived in 1992 as way of providing technical and peer support for the often-difficult changes that are required. An added advantage turned out to be the peer pressure, which is also important to overcome procrastination. It took three years to work out how to make it fully effective and ExecutiveLink™ passed its 21st birthday in 2013.

Today ExecutiveLink™ operates in Australia, Africa and the USA as a unique professional development program for rural people. It provides the structure to work together on respective businesses to be economically, socially and ecologically successful.

By working through aspects of your business at home with a coach on your own figures, you will gain the business management skills needed to:

  • Regularly and accurately review your business performance
  • Implement what you learnt at GrazingforProfit and other RCS Courses
  • Take control of your resources by making informed management decisions
  • Free up more time for strategic management meetings

What each person gains from EL is different – the only common factor is that you will graduate from the program having made a positive improvement to both your business and life.

Hughes family in a paddock

Imagine the most important three years of your future life…

Three years that will shape every aspect of the rest of your life. Imagine creating a life of control, achievement and lasting fulfillment, on your own terms, starting immediately.


You will have a team of people completely invested and 100% interested in you succeeding.

Experience where you are now in your life, envision exactly where you want to be, and learn how to close the gap between the two. Unearth the key areas to increase knowledge and take action. Develop a clear target of what you want in your life and why – in your work, your finances and your relationships as well as make fundamental decisions, build a plan and create strategies for sustained momentum towards these targets.

We get as much, if not, more knowledge and experience by working with the other members of our board than we do by working on our own business.


Those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision share one fundamental power: the capacity to turn their fears and limitations into positively focused action.

There is a time when ExecutiveLink™ moves from dealing with current issues to focusing on the future.

With constant work on your vision and goals, along with the development of a comprehensive, active business plan, you will determine the road map by which you can walk into the future of your dreams.

Focus is your power.

What is included in the ExecutiveLink™ program?

Implementation skills to be a professional manager

Access to Australia’s most trusted rural consultants

Your very own Board of Directors Meeting three times a year as a reciprocal board of directors for each other’s business, this no-nonsense program helps you as managers and owners achieve what you want out of life and your business.

Guest speakers With a mixture of both national and international speakers, each meeting you’ll feel motivated and up-to-date with what is cutting edge information and ideas from a wide range of guest speakers.

Business analysis and benchmarking with RCS Profit Probe See how you are performing compared to the rest of your industry. This is a great way to see what the top 20% are doing and then dig down and pinpoint how to move your business towards the top.

Lifetime access to RCS vault of models and tools This alone is worth the value of the entire program – with over three decades of consulting knowledge behind these models and tools, we cannot place a value on the work that has gone into these.

Annual Business Audit Each year we will take you through the RCS “Gap Analysis” that will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business. This is also a great way to monitor your progress and track performance.

Business Plan This active document clearly outlines what you do, how and why. Having a working, active business plan allows knowledge to be taken out of your head and put on paper so that your partners and family can use if for generations to come.

We attended GFP in the late 1990s and found it enabled us to continue to develop the business and management skills required for today’s farming. The support, and further education that the EL process provides is crucial to backing up GFP and getting the results a grazing business needs to achieve. Our business implements the principles learnt in GFP every day, and we would highly recommend, those wanting to build a strong business, to attend.

Jim & Terry Lindsay – Hughenden, Qld

Doing EL has been one of the greatest, rewarding, challenging, and empowering experiences of my life. It has enabled me, through being around like minded people, to make a real difference to my grazing practices and pastures, develop an understanding of the economic side of my business, and kick some pretty big personal goals. I didn’t expect to get out of EL what I did. I’d have been happy with a tenth of what I got.

Craig Davison – Injune, Qld

The EL process has given us the edge to continue the learning journey by providing a platform for peer to peer support. The process offers motivation and accountability like no other. It is a powerful process which links like-minded people together on a journey of self-discovery and business improvement. It is what you make it!

ExecutiveLink™ Graduate – Qld
People who have completed RCS Next Steps program are automatically eligible for ExecutiveLink™.

Individual applications are considered on their merit for people who have completed GrazingforProfit™, Farming and GrazingforProfit™, FarmingforProfit™, Bio Business Farming, Profitable Farming and The Business of Grazing or alternative training programs. These applicants must be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience necessary to successfully complete the Skills Development phase of ExecutiveLink™.

Our experience says it is best to get straight into it while it is fresh. EL has been designed to help you implement everything you learnt in GFP and began to develop during RCS Next Steps.

Momentum is your power.

Those who try to go-it alone and “get everything sorted” before joining up, lose momentum and often fall back into old habits. It is only human nature that there is a temptation is to slip back into the old habits and paradigms which you’ve just the last 6 months busting – that is why we recommend that you don’t procrastinate or try to “get everything sorted” before you start your EL journey.

RCS is a family-focussed and family-friendly business. The number of young families in ExecutiveLink™ is testament to this fact. In fact we recently had a board that had 22 children among six families (naturally they were called the Breeder Board!)

Given the family nature of the make-up of ExecutiveLink™ participants, we only hold meetings at venues where there are day-care, child-minding and babysitting options and facilities available. Often families will attend the meetings together, after breakfast mum and dad go off to productive business board meetings for the day, the kids have a fun-filled and fantastic day at the Daycare and then they join again for their evening meal and the night… and start all over again the next day.

At the pinnacle of commitment we had a lady in 2008 who attended an EL meeting just 3 days after giving birth to a new daughter! If you have young children, there has never been a better time to embark on this journey. With education fees rising by the term, your business needs to be structured in the best way possible to accommodate and transition through this period.


If you haven’t got a business established yet, now is the ideal time to design it! EL provides a format and process to get your business design and structure set up and to do it right from the start (and you can draw on years of experience of the RCS consultants and extended team). It’s probably an even better time to start EL than if you are already established.


You’re in the best place right now to get started. The immediate focus when you join EL starts with “knowing where you are right now” and the financial side of your business (getting your numbers together) is a big part of this. If you’re not yet on top of your financials, getting the numbers and understanding the numbers and what they mean when you do get them is a process your coach will work with you on a one-on-one level to achieve. Our simple step-by-step management accounting system (rather than taxation accounting for your accountant) will help you determine where your focus needs to be in your business. Talking through your results with your coach and board is a great diagnostics tool to see where you need to be spending your times and focussing in your business.
Yes. The principles of business are very universal. The same three drivers of profit, decision making process and basic fundamentals apply no matter what your industry or focus. In the past, having businesses from outside the industry has been a very valuable addition to a board.
Your situation is one of the most common. The word “succession” is one of the biggest issues that we see first up with members of new boards. It is quite amazing how it sorts itself out, usually within the first year you have an action plan for how to deal with it and what you’re going to do about it. This has been a major outcome of being part of EL for many businesses and families.
Generally no. There are exceptions if you are bringing together a group of people who you would like to commit to the three-year journey with. However, RCS have a complex process of choosing and allocating you to a board that will provide you the dynamics you need to create a healthy and functional board so that you and your other members can gain the most out of the process. Every board tells us “they’ve got the best group” out of all the boards.
You are welcome to bring up to four members of your business to an ExecutiveLink™ meeting. Often we have mother and father with son (or son-in-law) and daughter (or daughter-in-law) attending the meetings together or business partners etc.
ExecutiveLink™ is an investment and three-year commitment. Each meeting, your business needs to have a representative present to get the utmost out of your investment and to uphold your commitment to helping better your fellow board members.

The journey is diminished somewhat, not just for yourself, but you let your fellow board members down if you are not completely committed and present to contribute at all meetings. There are exceptional circumstances that we take into account.

You can’t turn around a big ship on a dime. It takes time to make changes and then have the business respond. We have found that for lasting change to occur, the process takes around three years with unlimited support, mentoring, learning and accountability.
Yes. As an EL member, you are top priority for our staff and we are available via phone and email whenever you need between meetings.


ExecutiveLink™ meetings are held three times per year in various locations around Australia. In addition to this boards are encouraged to arrange property tours to visit the other members of their board.
The meeting locations are determined by the geographic locations of the current members in the ExecutiveLink™ group. At present, we hold one meeting per year in central Queensland, usually in Yeppoon, and two meetings in South East Queensland, usually the Sunshine Coast. However, this is very flexible and completely determined by the mix of the group in any given year.
It is a big commitment of time and energy to get the best value out of EL. It’s not just the meetings – it’s in between the meetings too. The time that you commit has a huge return on it – you get so much more back – but you do need to make that time available. As the saying goes, you only get out what you put in – although the returns for what you put into EL are exponential.

Above all, the requirement for you as an EL board member is that you participate in every aspect of the program – like anything in life, you need to be on the court rather than in the stands to really get the benefits.

The other members of your board are just that – board members. They are a rare group of positive people in agriculture who are also looking to improve and do things better. During your board sessions, other members may come up with ideas and suggestions for you to improve or transform your business but at the end of the day, the ball is in your court.
ExecutiveLink™ is an annual investment of $8,000 per year over the three-year period. Alternatively, we have a payment plan option of 33 monthly payments of $800.

You can make your application through our website by clicking here. A RCS staff member will be in contact upon receiving your application.

Meetings include:

  • A formal code of conduct adopted by each board to satisfy personal concerns regarding confidentiality and behaviour
  • Professionally facilitated board sessions for each individual business
  • Extra board discussion sessions
  • A half day continuing education sessions from a range of expert presenters
  • Ongoing skill development throughout the entire program
  • Informal and formal meal sessions for networking
Our Guarantee – $0 FINANCIAL RISK

We know from experience the impact that ExecutiveLink™ will have on your life! That’s why we’re willing to take all the risk out of your decision to attend. Enrol now. You will be blown away. If you’re not completely satisfied after the first meeting, simply turn in your workbook and materials. You will not be required to make any payments. You have absolutely nothing to lose – and everything to gain in your life. The real risk is inaction. BUT YOU MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!


Defer all payments for the first two months. Look at this as a “try before you buy” offer. If the ExecutiveLink™ experience is not for you, then we will happily part ways, all we ask is that you discuss your circumstances with us so that we understand. We want you to see what it is like before you put your hand in your pocket.