Giving you the support, skills and confidence to make the changes necessary to achieve what you want out of life.

ExecutiveLink™ helps graduates of our Schools turn their great ideas into successful actions. It is based on two truths. First, it is easier to see someone else’s problem than it is your own. Second, good intentions aren’t enough. People move further faster when they are held accountable to produce results. ExecutiveLink™ provides structure, support, objective analysis and the accountability it takes to be successful.

As an ExecutiveLink™ member, you will be teamed with other suitable people in a peer advisory board. You and your board will meet three times a year in a facilitated meeting to review each member business.

The ExecutiveLink™ program also includes an outstanding continuing education program designed to challenge your thinking and keep you moving forward.

When Stan and Terry started teaching GrazingforProfit Schools in Australia it quickly became evident it was not possible with the rapid growth in graduate numbers, to provide the support needed to each business on a one-on-one basis. ExecutiveLink™ was conceived in 1992 as way of providing technical and peer support for the often-difficult changes that are required. An added advantage turned out to be the peer pressure, which is also important to overcome procrastination.

Today ExecutiveLink™ operates in Australia, Africa and the USA as a unique professional development program for rural people. It provides the structure to work together on respective businesses to be economically, socially and ecologically successful.

By working through aspects of your business at home with a coach on your own figures, you will gain the business management skills needed to:

  • Regularly and accurately review your business performance
  • Implement what you learnt at GrazingforProfit and other RCS Courses
  • Take control of your resources by making informed management decisions
  • Free up more time for strategic management meetings

What each person gains from EL is different – the only common factor is that you will graduate from the program having made a positive improvement to both your business and life.

Our Guarantee – $0 FINANCIAL RISK

We know from experience the impact that ExecutiveLink™ will have on your life! That’s why we’re willing to take all the risk out of your decision to attend. Enrol now. You will be blown away. If you’re not completely satisfied after the first meeting, simply turn in your workbook and materials. You will not be required to make any payments. You have absolutely nothing to lose – and everything to gain in your life. The real risk is inaction. BUT YOU MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!


Defer all payments for the first two months. Look at this as a “try before you buy” offer. If the ExecutiveLink™ experience is not for you, then we will happily part ways, all we ask is that you discuss your circumstances with us so that we understand. We want you to see what it is like before you put your hand in your pocket.