Field Days are an opportunity for like-minded people to gather on a property to discuss topics relevant to that region and see firsthand how RCS principles are being applied in similar land types and production systems.

Field Days are professionally facilitated by an RCS senior advisor, whose job it is to draw out answers from the collective knowledge and practical experiences of the group. The relaxed shed or paddock environment encourages a safe peer-to-peer learning environment for newcomers to the industry right through to industry leaders.

Our Field Days are free and open to anyone interested in discussing a range of subjects with an RCS facilitator and other attendees. We encourage hosts and attendees to invite neighbours, staff, family and friends as everyone is welcome. We do ask that all attendees bring their own water, lunch and chair.

Goals of a Field Day

  • To look at strategic and on-ground issues in an informal paddock or shed environment.
  • To allow participants to experience and revisit the holistic and integrated principles of land, livestock, pastures, crops, people and business in a specific situation.
  • To provide an opportunity to share and learn from peers about how to approach different challenges and opportunities in your area.

To provide ongoing support and advice to the hosts, RCS graduates and other interested local producers.

A Field day host’s perspective

“I’ve been to a couple of RCS Field days now, which have been very informative and thought-provoking. However, nothing prepared us for what we would get out of hosting an RCS Field day on our own property. We had a positive and like-minded group visit ‘Coo-ee’ on the day, and many questions throughout the day led to very stimulating discussion. As a result, we can see many actions coming about in the near future which will have a positive impact on our business. The day strengthened my belief in keeping good records on animal, pasture and cropping performance, and in particular, keeping grazing charts up to date. We have made some good contacts and would like to thank RCS for making the day such a success.”Philip and Jane Coe, Durong, Qld. RCS Field day hosts May 2015. 65 participants on the day.

Just like Philip and Jane, you too have the opportunity to host an RCS Field day. Hosting a group of producers on your property will leave you armed with new information, inspired to try new approaches and recognised for your achievements.

Benefits of hosting a RCS Field day

The day is professionally facilitated by an RCS consultant and there is no pressure placed on the hosts to answer technical questions etc.

As a host, you are able to set the agenda for the day based on topics that you would like to address. For example, these may include…

  • Something you want new information on
  • Something that you would like to revisit
  • Hurdles you have recently faced

The RCS Field day facilitator may be available to spend time discussing your individual circumstances free of charge.

You can be at any stage of development. This allows other producers to relate to your process and progress.

Requirements of hosting a RCS Field day

Provide a location (this can be on the verandah, in the shed or in the garden for example).

Attendees bring their own chair, food and drink and you are not expected to provide any catering.

Provide agenda topics to discuss on the day.

Provide a mud map and a few sentences about yourselves, your property and your operation.

Display some photos and financial/production data (optional but encouraged).