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About Dr. Terry McCosker

Terry’s mission is to change agriculture in Australia. He has a vision for a ‘regenerative’ agricultural landscape, including, people, land, livestock and businesses.

Here is just a little of his background…

Dr. Terry McCosker, director of RCS, is an internationally acclaimed teacher and has worked in research, extension and property management in both government and private sectors since 1967.

In his research era, Terry published over 40 papers and made several world first discoveries in the 1980s in the fields of bull fertility, ruminant nutrition, animal production and pasture ecology.

Terry developed his passion for ruminant nutrition in the 1980s when he was tasked with improving the production on a cattle station in northern Australia, running 12,000 breeders on 310,000ha.

During this process he:

  • Developed the concept of nutritional seasons, which he has been since used hundreds of times to both diagnose and explain the nutritional requirements of ruminants.
  • Was the first to discover the north Australian wet season protein deficiency.
  • Released the first documentation relating individual species and ecological health to animal production in the world.
  • Published numerous nutritional papers.
  • Co-authored a book on phosphorus nutrition.

He has studied pasture development and animal nutrition in the US, Colombia, South Africa and Brazil. Terry developed the concept and managed the team which produced the first useful genetically modified rumen bacterium in the world. Among other things, he introduced the concept of Low Stress Stock Handling to Australia through Bud Williams, introduced and continued developing the acclaimed GrazingforProfit School and pioneered the soil carbon economy.

Terry has maintained his passion for ruminant nutrition and over 15 years ago he developed a face-to-face nutrition training program for teaching ruminant nutrition to farmers and graziers around Australia.

The Farmer’s Guide to Ruminant Nutrition mentioned in this webinar is a culmination of Terry’s extensive experience into a simple six-step process you can follow along at home and implement to increase profitability and confidence in your nutritional decisions.


Learn more about: The Farmer’s Guide to Ruminant Nutrition