MaiaGrazing is a decision support tool that captures your real-time livestock, rainfall and grazing data on any device, anytime, anywhere. It provides a view of your stock numbers and grazing position at all times, enabling you to make decisions with confidence to improve long-term productivity and profitability.

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Integrating all aspects of your grazing operation

Do you get frustrated and make mistakes when pulling many sources of information together? MaiaGrazing solves this by capturing and converting operational information into valuable reports for decision making. For example, moving, buying, selling, splitting and merging mobs is recorded simply and quickly on any device, anywhere. This allows you to leverage your data and produce reports such as paddock yield, stocking rate and carrying capacity, feed budget to actuals and stock reconciliation/inventory. Having all this information at your fingertips enables you to make timely and informed management decisions without any extra work.

Any device, anytime, anywhere. Always current and correct.

Quick glance, intuitive dashboard for easy situation report.

Livestock tracking, stockflows and reconciliation made easy.

Real-time paddock inventory and upcoming move reminders.

On-demand grazing performance analytics for decision making.

Personalised stocking rate to carrying capacity benchmarking.

Unlimited users, properties, rainfall sites, enterprises and data.

Able to be used out of service and updates when back in range.

Live gross product and kilograms produced analyses.

Suitable for any grazing system and any size business.

Manage multiple properties easily by switching between them

You or others in your business may own or manage multiple properties with multiple people involved. In this case, users linked to a property or multiple properties only see the data they have been explicitly authorised to access. If you want assistance, this function could also allow an RCS consultant to remotely log in to your property and provide professional advice based on your real-time records.

Designed to meet the needs of your operation

Your property is a complex mix of operational activities and outcomes. Where things constantly change, the plan needs to be flexible. MaiaGrazing has built a product that understands and expects change which ensures calculations such as grazing yield and stocking rate per 100mm rainfall are always accurate and meaningful.