RCS has been working alongside farming families for over 30 years.

Visit the pages below to see how you can use our experience and proven track record of empowering, guiding and supporting rural families and people like you to create life changing outcomes for your people, land, livestock, crops and business.

Education / Knowledge

GrazingforProfit is Australia’s premier business school for the agricultural industry. With over 5,500 graduates, it is also the longest running, and most attended management school conducted in rural Australia. As a graduate you leave empowered with cutting edge knowledge, motivation and confidence to go home and implement transformational change to your people, land, livestock and business.

Elite Professional Development

RCS Next Steps is a six-month program designed for GrazingforProfit graduates to help you gain maximum leverage off your investment. You will be assisted by an experienced coach who will help you through two manageable 90 day cycles.

The work plans for these two 90 day cycles are carefully designed to train and coach you to implement the foundations of professional management right from the start. Once these skills are implemented, everything else becomes so much easier.

ExecutiveLink™ is a unique professional development program operating in Australia, Africa and the USA. It provides a structured forum in which a group of like-minded people can, by acting as advisory directors, work together on their respective businesses to be economically, socially and ecologically successful.

The ExecutiveLink™ (EL) program has an education component in both personal and technical development, in addition to professionally facilitated rounds of board discussions that complement the strategic management of your business.

Are you an ExecutiveLink™ Graduate? You are now eligible for ProLink™ or GrowthLink™.

Professional Advice

One-on-one farm support is available for those who want more one-on-one time with a RCS consultant; personal coaching, on-site consulting and facilitation are also available.

The services are tailored to suit your particular requirements. Examples of our services are described here.


ProfitProbe is a convenient and timely business analysis and benchmarking tool, which will help you make positive steps for your business’ future.

High performing businesses have been making comparisons between themselves and others for many years without necessarily labeling the exercise as benchmarking.

In many ways, comparing your own performance from year to year as business decisions are made is just as powerful as comparing your results against your peers.

The new and improved input sheet and automatic analysis provide you with a detailed draft report within two working days in most cases.