When purchasing agricultural assets you must ensure that independent due diligence is carried out.

Don’t get caught making decisions based on the advice of agents without doing proper due diligence with our consultants.

RCS has the technical knowledge, skills, benchmarks and business analysis models to complete pre-purchase assessments.

We have been called in to assess property potential after purchase only to find that the property purchased will never meet the objectives of the new owner. It is, therefore, too late at this stage to get good advice.

Two weeks notice is generally required.
A pre purchase includes:

  • Inspection of land suitability
  • Alignment of land to investment outcomes
  • Profitability and risk assessment
  • Enterprise selection to land suitability
  • Management requirements
  • Condition of infrastructure
  • Identify potential problems
  • Identify potential upsides
  • Identify development potential
  • Assess current and potential carrying capacity
  • Report recommendations
A quote can be provided based on the brief and travel requirements.
We need to understand your goals, your financial expectations and your needs in terms of a property purchase.

When you have received our pre purchase report, you will have the facts rather than the agent’s opinion in order to make an informed decision.