Giving you the support, skills and confidence to make the changes necessary to achieve what you want out of life and business.

ExecutiveLink™ is based on two truths. First, it is easier to see someone else’s problem than it is your own. Second, good intentions aren’t enough. People move further faster when they are held accountable to produce results. ExecutiveLink™ provides structure, support, objective analysis and the accountability it takes to be successful at management.

Be placed on a peer advisory board with other producers, and meet three times a year in a facilitated meeting to review each member business.

The ExecutiveLink™ program also includes an outstanding continuing education program designed to challenge thinking and keep people developing.

When Stan Parsons and Terry McCosker started teaching GrazingforProfit™ Schools in Australia it quickly became evident there was a need to support businesses with decisions and accountability. ExecutiveLink™ was conceived in 1992 as way of providing technical and peer support for the often-difficult changes that are required. An added advantage turned out to be the peer pressure, which is also important to overcome procrastination.

Today ExecutiveLink™ operates Australia wide as a unique professional development program for rural people. It provides the structure to work together on respective businesses to be economically, socially and ecologically successful.


Message from Terry McCosker

Let’s look at the reality of Australian Agriculture today.

Business as usual isn’t working. Debt levels, increasing input costs and general expenses just aren’t being balanced by an increase in income and production.

For this very reason, what was profitable in years gone by, unfortunately, is not necessarily going to be profitable today.

A new approach needs to be taken to new circumstances, to challenge and develop a business to a point where it has the efficiency and production to not only survive, but to grow for future generations.

Despite this ever tightening cost price squeeze, there are professional managers in this industry making money.

The answer lies in what I term ‘professional management’.

Regardless of what a business looks like now, there is always improvement to make. To take advantage of the opportunities we are presented with, we need the skills, support, network and accountability of a professional manager to fully capitalise on them.

After working with thousands of people in this industry, we have designed and refined over 21 years, a process that provides both peer support and pressure to make the changes that we can so easily put off. The process helps redefine what we want, and to take control of, and responsibility for, our personal and business outcomes. In doing so, we become professional managers. This process is ExecutiveLink™.

It is not possible to predict the outcomes from an ExecutiveLink™ journey. However, ExecutiveLink™ members are always in a different place when they graduate from the program by being in control of the important things in their lives.

It’s not an easy road, but one where the rewards are more than worth the effort that it takes. I am proud to say that there is no doubt that ExecutiveLink™ is the greatest support service that RCS has developed for rural businesses.

I hope that you will join me for an experience that will change your life forever.

Terry McCosker
Internationally acclaimed educator and consultant