Pierre Weill to speak at RCS International Conference!

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Pierre Weill, co-founder of Bleu-Blanc-Coeur

Pierre Weill, co-founder of Bleu-Blanc-Coeur

For what will be his first Australian speaking engagement, RCS is excited to bring you French researcher, agronomist and animal nutritionist, Pierre Weill!

Pierre’s important work in building nutrient-dense food supply chains originated with the simple observation that in the spring, when dairy cows graze grass, the cows are in better shape and the butter made from their milk is softer and more spreadable than when fed a predominately grain diet. Pierre and team went on to perform considerable research in the field of ‘health-orientated animal nutrition’, comparing a corn-soy dominant system to one high in naturally occurring omega-3 (think grass, lucerne and linseed) and the effects on animal health and production.

Pierre then began to consider the effects of animal health on consumer health. Fascinating trials were undertaken which looked at the effects on humans who ate products from either ‘conventionally fed’ animals or animals fed higher quality products. The results were astoundingly convincing: by feeding animals better quality food, humans will also be healthier!

With this knowledge of the measurable link between soil, animal and human health now being supported by top scientist, Pierre co-founded the French, non-profit organisation called ‘Bleu-Blanc-Coeur’ (translating to ‘Blue-White-Heart’). Bleu-Blanc-Coeur involves all actors in the food supply chain to produce, harvest, distribute and consume nutrient dense foods.

Pierre will leave conference delegates knowing more about the importance of food quality, for both the animal’s health and that of the consumer – highly relevant to all those who grow animal feedstuffs, feed animals, or consume animal products.

You’ll also hear Pierre’s intriguing story of how his team built a nutrient-dense food supply chain in France. Stick around for Monday morning’s ‘Dig Deeper into Building Nutrient-Dense Food Supply Chains’ workshop, led by Pierre, to start the process of building a regeneratively grown, nutrient-dense food supply chain right here in Australia!

Register for the RCS International Conference by Friday April 30, 2021 for early-bird pricing. Visit the official conference website here: www.rcsic2020.com for tickets and further information on the event.

*Edit* – Please note the new date for the RCS International Conference is 17-19 July 2021.