Lemons or Lollies? 

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For some people, the year 2020 might get imprinted in history as one of the worst. Not so for RCS GrowthLink member Dick O’Connell. You see, Dick is a grazier at ‘Wombula’ in south-west Queensland, about 80km from Thargomindah. Dick affectionately calls this area “God’s Own Country” and when asked about the wet season, he responds with “There isn’t one, it’s an accident when it rains here and we are grateful for the accidents”. 2020 presented a string of delightful accidents for Dick turning his “lengthy dry period“ into an inland sea of colour and high-quality winter feed. 

Intent is a powerful strategy to build strength from a place of desire. Over the years Dick has learnt and applied this skill to his business and personal life. In October 2019, an RCS GrowthLink event held at ‘Wombula’ provided an opportunity for us to witness mulga trees and Buffel grass, both hardy drought-tolerant plants, dead from prolonged drought. It was tough to see and the mind wonders at how anyone can live through these conditions. During the GrowthLink meeting, Dick shared his story, labelling it “Adversity or Opportunity… Lemons or lollies in disguise?”. The take-home message was that we can choose to focus on the adversities (lemons) or choose to look for the opportunities (lollies). If we stay focused on the lemons, we often miss the sweet lollies. Gratitude, even for the lemons, can help shift our perspective and move us towards a more fulfilling existence. 

Fast forward 12 months, and ‘Wombula’ has taken a 180-degree turn thanks to several rain events throughout 2020, Dick’s grazing management practices and his preparedness to work with mother nature, not fight her. The country has responded well and is displaying gratitude back to Dick. We’ve put together a collection of photos so you can enjoy the wonderment of ‘Wombula’ and God’s Own Country.

Life is great on ‘Wombula’ and opportunities abound no matter what the weather brings. If life doesn’t seem great right now, perhaps remember Dick’s wise words, “when we are being served lemons, first, acknowledge and grieve the lemon, second, let it go, third, search for and expect to find the lollies”. 

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Source: Dick O’Connell, Wombula, Thargomindah QLD, Australia