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Carbon Link is a leading partner of RCS and over the past few months it has launched into action. As a world leader in the soil carbon space, Carbon Link is playing a pivotal role in enabling farmers to put carbon on their bottom line while improving soil health.

“It is a very exciting time for Agriculture and in particular for the producers entering this market,” Ian Hall, Business Manager, explains. Attending the recent Carbon Market Institute Summit, Ian highlighted the many positive opportunities and developments that are emerging in this market. Political support is essential and it has been acknowledged that, “The political landscape is a positive one for the land sector with both parties committed to ongoing support and delivery of the market.” Drawing from his extensive experience in the market, including over 6 years of constructing and monetising carbon projects, Ian confidently adds, “This is an exciting opportunity for carbon and those in the land sector.”2016-04-06 13.50.49

The opportunities in the broader market reverberate through Carbon Link with many projects underway and two contracts issued by the Emission Reduction Fund available; securing fixed pricing for ACCU’s and therefore risk mitigation for income. The completion of a large scale trial in Central Queensland has been a recent achievement. “Our systems were tested in the process and results were as expected,” Ian confirms before he mentioned that a number of other trials are in motion. These are set to prove the commercialisation of soil carbon on properties across different regions including marginal areas such as north west NSW.

These trails not only look at the current requirements of the method but also the quickly developing space that is soil carbon in Australia. This is where Carbon Link finds itself, again, in a unique position leading the pack and holding a seat on the methodology Technical Working Group (TWG) for over 12 months now. The TWG forms a board that is currently revising the methodology and it is a privilege that Ignatius Verbeek, R&D Manager has taken this seat and become a leading representative for producers and soil carbon. Ignatius has presented many papers on behalf of Carbon Link to this forum with the farmer at the forefront of mind when doing so. “Our focus for the changing method is driven by on farm practicality and accuracy within the soil carbon,” Ian highlights. He went on to say, “The changes that are developing are likely to benefit the project owner on various levels going forward.” Current timing of the method draft is closer to the end of the year and adoption through the second quarter of 2017.

If you have an interest in doing a soil carbon project, please contact the Carbon Link team, we would love to speak to you about improving your soil health while participating in this active market.

Next month, I will discuss what is involved in taking on a project.

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