Johnson-Su Composting Bioreactor

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The links below will provide you with helpful information on microbes, the BEAM approach and how to build, fill and manage the Johnson Su Composting Bioreactor.


YouTube Video – Introduction to Microbes

YouTube video_Intro to Microbes







YouTube Video – The Microbe’s Role in Soil Carbon Sequestration

YouTube video. The microbes role in soil carbon sequestration







YouTube Video – The BEAM Approach

YouTube Video_The BEAM Approach







YouTube Video – The Johnson Su Composting Bioreactor (with Q&A session)

YouTube video. The Johnson-Su Composting Bioreactor (with Q and A)







YouTube Video – How to build a Johnson Su Composting Bioreactor

YouTube Video. The Johnson Su composting bioreactor







YouTube Video – How to make a compost slurry to treat seeds

David Johnson Su compost slurry seed treatment







PDF – Johnson Su Composting Best Practice Manual

Johnson Su Composting Bioreactor Best Practice Manual







Facebook Group – Johnson-Su Composting

David Johnson Su compost Facebook Group. David and Hui-Chun standing with a compost bioreactor.


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