International Interest in Grazing for Profit™

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The RCS Team was excited to have overseas participants at the Rockhampton GrazingforProfit™ (GFP) and the Perth Farming&GrazingforProfit™ (F&GFP) Schools this year. As a presenter, it’s an absolute honour to work with all attendees.  The honour was even greater when you have 6 people fly in from Germany, Portugal and New Zealand just to attend our schools.  When asked what motivated them to come all this way, they said, “We couldn’t find this training that covered all aspects of running a regenerative business at home”.  Well that certainly made us proud.

From the desk of David McLean

Christine Bajohr flew over from Bavaria (Germany) for the Rockhampton GFP.  She only landed two days before the school started and did so well to adapt and participate in the school.  I only noticed a few micro-naps during the seven days!  Christine is leading an exciting regenerative project with the support of the EU looking at regenerative dairy production.  Go to https://kugelsü if you want to know more (hint – use google translate!).

We also had Paul Appleton from Victoria at the school, representing Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects for their agricultural projects in New Zealand and Tasmania.

This school had attendees from;

  • high rainfall zones of Innisfail and Atherton Tablelands,
  • Bavaria at the foothills of the Swiss Alps,
  • the gulf territory and;
  • a big contingent of wonderful minds from central Queensland, right down to Warwick and Armidale. 

Thank you to all who attended, it was a fun school to deliver.

Grazing for Profit Rockhampton Class of 2020

Rockhampton GFP graduates celebrating the culmination of seven days of learning

Christine Bajohr and the Appleton Family

Christine Bajohr from Germany proudly wearing her new Akubra (second from left) with Paul Appleton from Nelson Byrd Woltz (on the right) and Paul’s parents, John and Julie Appleton, on their property near Yeppoon in central Queensland.

Miguel, Manuel, Frederico and Gonçalo

Ramoan Neho and his table mates at the Perth F&GFP

Ramoan Neho and his table mates at the Perth F&GFP

From the desk of Nic Kentish

I truly admired and warmed instantly to Manuel, Goncarlo, Frederico and Miguel from Portugal as they introduced each other to the class room of 16 participants in Perth on 18th March 2020. In English that was far better than they gave themselves credit for, they told stories on each other in a larrikin kind of way that endeared them to the room. How many things we have yet to learn from them and they from us into the future, we are yet to explore.

However, it was with great sadness that they had to leave to return to Portugal at the end of Day 1 to beat the COVID travel restrictions. We then also had to farewell Ramoan Neho from NZ whose attendance was cut short on Day 2 for the same reason. We were all very close there for a day and learning loads about each other and I’m sure everyone in the room is keen to stay in contact as a result of the friendships created.

So, for the inspiring, remaining WA local participants (and Justine Henwood from Qld who bravely chose to stay), the week was full of learning and conversation and lively debate as well as watching the incremental changes as Perth transitioned into lock down around us. An unforgettable school.

With inspiration such as this, we are pleased to announce that there are currently plans to recommence our 7-day Schools starting this August in three great locations around Australia. If you too would like to take advantage of a world-class educational opportunity, we recommend you take a closer look at the schools below. And if these dates and locations don’t mesh with your calendar, not a worry, you can find the full schedule of courses in our events section.

Wagga Wagga Farming & Grazing for Profit School
Roma Grazing for Profit School
Goondiwindi Farming & Grazing for Profit School