Herd Quitter Seminar Series coming to NSW

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What is a Herd Quitter? Kit Pharo of Pharo Cattle Company coined the term to refer to people who have enough courage to break away from the status-quo, herd-mentality way of thinking.

Kit has built up a well-known stud business based out of Cheyenne Wells in eastern Colorado. Early in Kit’s cattle business life, he discovered that increasing production wasn’t nearly as important as increasing profits, AND that there was a very poor correlation between production and profit. In order to become more profitable, Kit and his wife Deanna had to become ‘herd quitters’

As Kit explains in one of his newsletter articles, ‘more and more ranchers are becoming herd quitters — and none too soon. They have quit following the conventional, status-quo herd of high-input, unsustainable agriculture. They have quit following outdated traditions. They have quit focusing their entire program on increasing weaning weights (and cow size). They believe that agriculture must be both profitable and enjoyable to be sustainable…’ (see full article here)

RCS is proud to announce a series of ‘Herd Quitter’ seminars, coming to Australia next month! Presented by Kit Pharo (Colorado, USA) and Dr Terry McCosker, along with Grahame Rees of KLR Marketing, these one day seminars are guaranteed to challenge the status-quo around business management, production vs. profit, and livestock marketing. The seminar will also include an update of the latest soil carbon opportunities for producers, as well as an interactive panel discussion.

The seminars will be held as follows:

Mon 11 May – Tamworth, Northern NSW
Wed 13 May – Yeoval, Central NSW
Fri 15 May – Albury, Southern NSW

More information available here or see our calendar section here.

Tickets available at Eventbrite click here

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