A calendar with the green date circled

Green Date Excitement?

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A calendar with green date circled.For those of us farming on country fortunate enough to have had some rain, this is a call to action. We owe it to our mates out there who are not so lucky. Maybe we will need the extra feed we can grow to help them out soon. Or maybe there’s some money to be made here.

Its green date today in much of the southern areas of SA, Vic and northern Tassie. It’s the day when you have a 70% chance of having green feed for livestock. It’s a good date to have finished calving by but allow yourself some flexibility. 23 days after your green dates is an ideal time to be putting bulls out.

In less than two weeks time, it will be the 1st of spring! If you haven’t started a grazing chart, now is as good a time as any. It is super important that you have both a feed budget and some plans in place for what you are going to do with your grass as it grows.

Sign up to AuctionPlus as a member and start noting what the prices of animals are doing that you intend to buy or sell. There will always be animals that are underpriced or overpriced and you need to seek them out and maybe, first, run a few trial budgets on a trade or two without actually going through with it. Check out the gross margin tools in the RCS members section if you haven’t already.

If your animals’ diet is 100% grass, remember it is possibly >80% water and you may need a little bentonite or low protein straw just to mop up this excess liquid and slow the flow through the rumen.

Optimistically, get ready for a spring flush and be prepared for whatever season you are dealt. It is a great waste to let a short spring slip by you simply because you weren’t looking for the little wins out there.

Go for it. Have fun.

Nic Kentish
RCS Advisor and Educator

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