The Generation of Regeneration

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Graziers from across SA attended a two and a half-day RCS Grazing Clinic in Nuriootpa recently to focus intensively on growing more grass using more of the free inputs available to them – namely sun, rain and ecology.

“The interest in learning how to use more of what we have for free and less of what we need to pay for is gaining huge momentum”, said trainer Nic Kentish from RCS, based in Mylor. “We don’t want to lose any gross margins per hectare. Rather, we want to gain overall production at the same time as focusing on soil health and humus production in soils to hold as much moisture as we can.”

“As good regional rains have eased pressure on pastures, the time to drought-proof farms and pastoral properties appears to be when our minds are clearest. That we can do something to increase our soil-moisture holding capacity physically is a giant leap for some graziers,” he said.

RCS Grazing Clinic field tripAt the workshop, participants gained intensive training in ecology, soil properties with a focus on biology, grazing systems, regenerating pastures, water cycles and drought management. A half-day farm visit topped off a hands-on component to the training. Participants were able to get out into the paddock and try their hand at the practical skills of feed budgeting and pasture biology assessment.

Grazier and participant, Guy Watson, said, “It was a hugely valuable program, as it provided a large amount of detail on the science behind the regenerative grazing approach, which I can now apply to our family property at Woodside. While before the clinic, I understood the principles of cell grazing and regenerative farming, I did not have the confidence to change our practices. It is not easy to apply the principles without some form of training, and the RCS clinic provides a well-structured and focused training program, delivered by a highly knowledgeable and engaging teacher. It has given me the tools to start to apply the techniques, with a greater understanding of the processes involved. While there is still a lot more to learn, I now have the confidence to make a start with these fundamentals in place.”

Do you also want to gain the confidence to start applying practice change on-farm? We have begun scheduling the 2021 locations for RCS Grazing Clinics and GrazingforProfit™ schools. Check out our events calendar to find one near you.








Nic Kentish
RCS Advisor and Educator