Four programs together for November ExecutiveLink Meeting

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Last month RCS General Manager David McLean welcomed a group of over 100 people to day one of the ExecutiveLink (EL) meeting, held at the Capricorn Resort in Yeppoon from 10-12 November. This particular gathering coincided with 3 other programs, being Next Steps, ProLink and GrowthLink, and as you can imagine the energy and atmosphere across the meeting was fantastic! Having commenced their meeting 2 days prior, GrowthLink members (right) coincided the last day of their program with the first day of EL, which allowed them to enjoy two key note speakers.

The guest speakers were a hit. The morning started with psychologist Dan Banos and his topic “From Great Minds To Optimum Minds: Developing Mental Resilience”. It was an interactive and enjoyable session, with key messages and evidence relating to the importance of balance, a positive attitude and an understanding of how past habits can create the future.

After morning tea we had Naturopath Stacey Curcio present “Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Mindful Eating”. With a bachelor of Health Science, Masters in Human Nutrition and experience running her multi-modality clinic, Stacey was able to take us through the latest science on how it is possible to change your genetics. Did you know the food our grandparents ate has affected our genetics? And similarly what we choose to eat will affect our children’s children? We also learnt about mindful eating, and finished with a popular Q&A session.

For those interested, our guest speakers have kindly provided a copy of their slides. Please contact our office if you’d like to receive a copy. Check out the November introductions for more information about the guest speakers and facilitators who joined us in Yeppoon.

On day two the group focussed on board sessions, and we came together to hear succession specialist John Moor talk about the process and considerations involved in family succession and continuity planning. Given the recent Profit Probe and benchmarking data received we saw a need for education around Stockflows and organised Dr Terry McCosker to go over fundamentals and tips to great Stockflow Charts.

This brings me to the evening… the infamous ‘Wednesday Night dinner’ which provides an opportunity for members to let their hair down and balance out the serious side of the gathering. This time the RCS team hosted ‘Around the World in 3 Courses’. Pilot Terry McCosker and his team of flight attendants, tour guides and security made sure our travellers had a good night. Raymond Stacey with his sniffer dog, along with Tom Hungerford made sure travellers were thoroughly screened for drugs before ‘boarding’. Unfortunately there were still some surprises during the night including a hijacker and mile high club members getting caught out (Terry and Pam!). I’ve included some photos below and we trust everyone had an enjoyable night.

On day three we were honoured for EL graduates Andrew and Katie Zerner to deliver the ‘Hot Seat’ presentation – sharing their story with the group, a heartfelt, insightful and inspiring journey thus far. Following this was the annual presentation for the ‘Paul F Harris Award for Outstanding Achievement in Business’. Nominees were Michael and Kylie Mactaggart of Moura, Henry and Anna Hinds of Theodore, and Jim and Sarah Viner of Glastonbury. Congratulations to all those nominated for this award, and a special acknowledgement to winners Jim and Sarah Viner, chosen by Paul and Chris Harris of CT Harris and Co.

Jim is doing EL for the second time, and has identified the weaknesses in his business, and found a way to not only address them, but to transform his business model. As well as being very proactive about making big changes, Jim and Sarah have completed succession and handled the worst drought in 100 years. Winners of this award set a high standard for their peers and deserve recognition.

Before we wrapped up the meeting with a buzzing lunch of chatter and goodbyes, the very first group of Next Steps participants were duly acknowledged for coming the end of the 6 month program. Program Coordinator Kate Murfet presented the certificates, and recognised their hard work and growth within the program. Well done!

Looking ahead, from 1-3 March 2016 the ExecutiveLink and second Next Steps group will come together in Brisbane. We are finalising exciting guest speakers and facilitators to join us, who will include Jill Rigney of The Right Mind. As a special invitation to RCS clients, the Continuing Education Session 8am-lunch on Tuesday the 1st March will be open for additional registrations, a fantastic opportunity to reconnect and mix with like-minded producers.

Keep an eye on our website for more details and please get in touch if you have any questions about the recent meeting or various programs offered by RCS.

Kelly McCosker
Office Manager and ExecutiveLink Program Coordinator
Phone: 07 4939 5255