ExecutiveLink™ November ’16 Meeting Wrap up

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The November meeting of ExecutiveLink is always a bit more special as final ProfitProbe™ reports with benchmarks are released and the winner of the annual Paul F. Harris award is announced.  I’ll put some thoughts in a separate article on the benchmark results.

Adding a lot of energy and wisdom to the meeting was the combination of the GrowthLink and RCS Next Steps program.  We were fortunate enough to have, clinical psychologist Chris Skellett, join us from New Zealand for all programs and deliver the continuing education session to start the ExecutiveLink™ meeting.


I’d like to commend all the producers who attended this meeting at Redcliffe in SE Qld.  The professionalism displayed by all and the standard of the board meetings were exceptional and set a wonderful benchmark for how to provide peer to peer support in ExecutiveLink™.

ExecutiveLink™graduates Paul and Chris Harris who run a chartered accounting firm from Rockhampton, CT Harris & Co, started an award 13 years ago, to recognise ExecutiveLink™ members for outstanding achievements.  Their observation was that so many businesses achieved amazing things that should be acknowledged.  Members of the ExecutiveLink™ group nominate peers to be considered for the Paul F. Harris award which includes, this year, two places at an Allan Parker Workshop in Australia in 2017.  The nominations for 2016 were Emma Hacon (nee Keats) from Gleeson Station, Cloncurry and Kash and Jos Maclean from Coolum, Baralaba.

As I finished a phone call with Chris and Paul providing background information on the two nominations I was left thinking how glad I was that the final decision wasn’t up to me!  Both were truly worthy nominations who have every right to be proud of what they have achieved.  Well done!

Kash and Jos Maclean took away the title this year.  Kash and Jos, in partnership with Ross and Sue are good managers who implement good strategies on their organic beef finishing business in central Queensland.  They’ve organised their business roles and responsibilities, educated themselves, refined their systems and are keeping each other accountable.  They are very aware of the importance of analysing their business trades and do this well.  In this holistic business, they are also good grass managers getting yields (grass and kgs beef) from their forest country similar to the heavier black soil river country.  This allows them to be innovators and leading the pack in the Soil Carbon Industry, being among the first soil carbon projects off the ground in Australia and continuing to conduct research in soil carbon sequestration on their properties.

Well done to the Macleans on winning the prize and also to Emma and her family for their nomination and hard work in the north.


Those at the closing session were also privileged to hear Jim Viner from Gympie share his story in the “Hot Seat” session.  Jim provided an honest and open account of his journey to this point.  I facilitated a KIT day at Jim and Sarah’s place recently and was really impressed by the multi enterprise operation (beef, grass seed, hay, seed grading) they are now running and the exciting opportunities ahead of them.  Jim mentioned that a couple of years ago, he felt very short on options, now he has too many to choose from!  It was a great example of using contacts from the industry, support from his ExecutiveLink™ board and family, analysis with the RCS tools and others to professionally transform the business.  NB. This actually resulted in Jim winning the Paul F. Harris award in 2015.

The next ExecutiveLink™ meeting will be 7-9 March 2017 at Redcliffe again. This meeting will combine the northern and southern Australia ExecutiveLink™ groups as well as the large number of graduating RCS Next Steps members.   The continuing education session will be a mix of local and international speakers.

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