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The Farming & Grazing for Profit™ School – Tamworth

February 19, 2020 - February 25, 2020

Tamworth Farming and Grazing for Profit School. The school for success in regenerative agriculture.

Like thousands of graduates before you, the seven-day RCS Farming & Grazing for Profit™ School will empower you to build a profitable, regenerative mixed farming business, so you and your family can continue to enjoy your life on the land.

Everything in agriculture is interconnected – land, soil, production, business and people. Therefore, nothing in our school is treated in isolation. We cover each concept independently as well as integrating them to ensure the most appropriate decision making is achieved.

You will leave knowing how to:

  • Profitably leave your land in better condition
  • Reduce inputs and maximise soil health and production
  • Manage climate variability and become more resilient to extremes
  • Manage the economics of your business
  • Build your farm’s ecological health
  • Reduce overheads
  • Reduce risk
  • Understand and use key reports and financial indicators to identify your true financial position
  • Develop flexibility between cropping and grazing depending on season and commodity prices
  • Increase ground cover and water utilisation
  • Control and manage your business


Production Principles

You will learn the principles of plant production from a soil and livestock perspective and how plant and animal activity impact on the health and capacity of the system.

Drought Planning Principles

There are eleven essential drought management principles, that not only ensure minimum damage to land and pasture, but also ensure minimum damage to the business.  This is a critical element in managing farms in the climate change era.

Crop Management

Learn the benefits and management of in-crop weeds, appropriate seeding techniques, the establishment and maintenance of perennial pastures and enterprise flexibility.



Discover how to structure profit into your business.  Apply the three secrets for improving profit and eliminate dead wood from your operation.


Avoid expensive forced-action decisioins by applying the three R’s of credit to your farm.  Evaluate the value of investments.  Learn the techniques of cashflow planning used by our clients to stay in control.


Farming for Profit will provide an incredibly simple system that will lift the veil of confusion that sometimes surrounds the documents your accountant produces.



Ultimately as farmers we are harvesters of sunlight, rainfall and minerals. The basis of long-term profitability is a healthy farm ecosystem.  You will learn the principles of farm ecology and how livestock can be used to improve the four ecosystem processes in combination with pasture cropping when appropriate.


In mid-2017 exciting new soils content has been added to this course, as well as the 6 principles of regenerative cropping. Man is dependent on soil as it is the basis of all life.  This section will provide the basis for understanding the structure of soils, the relationships between organic matter, minerals, air and water.


You will learn how humus is formed and how management can influence the production of this vital substance.

Farming soil micro-organisms

Sustainable farmers farm the micro-organisms and these organisms farm the soil  and plants.  Soil micro-organisms play a very important role in decomposing plants and root residues in the soil  They are also important for making available certain nutrients from the soil particles and facilitate the breakdown of pesticides and herbicides.  Discover the conditions that promote increased populations of beneficial soil micro-organisms that actively fight harmful organisms such as nematodes.


Vision and Goal Setting

We will assist you to define your business and lifestyle goals and provide a simple, yet effective method of ensuring you achieve them.  You will then be able to help others in your business set goals and achieve them.

Management Effectiveness

It is possible to be 100% efficient but zero percent effective.  We will introduce you to management effectiveness;  deciding who makes the decision;  and how employees can be motivated to help you achieve your goals.

Time Management

We can only manage ourselves with respect to time. The principles of self-management and staff management are indispensable.

Length of Course

This is a 6½ day intensive management course.  You are encouraged to participate with other students, and work in teams.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies so please call us to discuss. Full rate is $4000 (GST exempt), however substantial savings are available for early-bird bookings (cuts off two months prior to event), group bookings, students, graduates and ExecutiveLink™ members.

How do I register?

For more information or to register for Farming & Grazing for Profit™, please call us on 1800 356 004 or enquire through the ‘Enquire Now’ link on this page.

What have others said?

I truly agree that this course has changed my life and the way I will live my life from now on. A comprehensive business course providing the skills to take on a farm – an absolute game changer. Could not recommend more.
– Amy Smith, Condobolin, NSW

This is probably one of the most comprehensive learning and development opportunities that you could be exposed to anywhere in the world. The support network and ongoing facilitation they have afterwards is fantastic.
– Di & Ian Haggerty, WA. Quote Via Soil Restoration Farming

Great combination of financial and grazing information. It has a focus on the ecological aspect without compromising the ability to make and even improve profits.
–  Tim Legoe, Lochaber, SA


February 19, 2020
February 25, 2020
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