Consistent message for Beef at RCS Herd Quitters Seminar Series

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Above: Dr Terry McCosker presenting to over 100 farmers at the Yeoval Herd Quitter Seminar

Herd Quitter Seminar Series

“*Herd Quitter – a person who has enough courage to break away from the status quo.”

Hundreds of producers have attended the RCS Herd Quitter seminar series in NSW this week to hear Dr Terry McCosker (RCS), Grahame Rees (KLR) and Kit Pharo (Pharo Cattle Company, Colorado).

One consistent message was loud and clear from the three speakers:

“All producers need to control costs”

This will be critical in the years ahead as cattle prices rise to levels never seen before. If producers are to increase profit in these years, costs will have to be controlled.

Producers should:

  • focus on making windfall profits
  • be happy with paying tax (it means you’ve actually made a profit)
  • use the opportunity to invest both on and off farm
  • most importantly, do no fritter away the potential profit by increasing costs.

History has shown us that the average cost of production generally increases to meet price received. This means no profit! Time to not repeat history.

Tickets are still available for the final Herd Quitter Seminar on Friday 15 May in Albury. For more information and to register, go to:


Comments by Dr Terry McCosker – RCS Director

Photo courtesy of Grahame Rees – KLR Marketing

Article by David McLean – RCS General Manager

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